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Mar 4, 2009 06:14 AM

Frugal Caterer?

Hi CHers,

Any recs on a frugal caterer for HORS D'OEUVRES only ? Preferably someone who can do ethnic inspired ones (ie indian)


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  1. No Indian, sorry. Portugese maybe? Try Caldense Bakery. They make pretty good little codfish cakes, shrimp rissoles and pastries.

    1. I've been to a couple of parties catered by Vanipha Lanna, and found their Thai/Laotian appetizers to be delicious. Can't comment on prices, as I was a guest, but I heard they were reasonable.

      1. why don't you check with some of the local indian restaurants - lots of them do catering - or you could check out samosa king

        1. I've been saving this website for a while - I read about them in one of the papers - Afghan women's catering -

          Looks really interesting
          Let me know if you try them

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          1. re: florence

            Thanks for all your suggestions...the reason I'm leaving to ask indian restaurants last because I do want indian inspired, not all indian hors d'oeuvres.

            1. re: romeschica

              I used to work for a caterer and many of our hot h'ds came in from Thyme and Truffles. (At that time they only did wholesale, but now they have retail as well) They are really decent. you can always hire a chef from a staffing agency and they can heat them for you. This will be your cheapest option. I have ordered from Vanipha also, and it is really good as well.