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One night in Portland...visiting from NY

We'll be in Portland, ME this weekend and are looking for a rec for Sat night dinner...We know Fore Street is the place to go but wondering if there are any other must-try's for our one night!


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  1. Too many choices, too little time! And you should know that it's Restaurant Week in Maine, which means lots of restaurants have special fixed price menus. Check out http://www.restaurantweekme.com/ for the menus and prices for the following: Fore Street; Caiola's; Bresca; Back Bay Grill; Cinque Terra (have heard their menu is particularly tasty for this event); 555 (my current favorite); and Hugo's. You'll have a great meal at any of them!

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      thanks so much! I'll report back next week!

    2. I visited Portland for the first time last year. I tried Fore St., 555 and Duck Fat
      Fore St. was very good, but 555 absolutely rocked my world with their tasting menu. Duck Fat was a great lunch stop.

      1. I'd try for 555- their tasting menu for Restaurant Week is really spectacular, and I've never once had a bad experience there. Oh goodness. Another good bet that no one has mentioned is Evangeline! Delicious, sexy, fun French food prepared well.

        1. Had a great meal @ Fore Street for my birthday. Was just a bit noisey (all hard wood with active open air kitchen in the middle of the dinning room) food was excellent. My sister is coming up from Boston & was recommended to The Grill Room. Their menu on line does look good.

          Grill Room
          84 Exchange St, Portland, ME 04101

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            Love the grill room, going tomorrow night.

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              any recomendations?
              I consider my self a foodie.....but have never had sweet breads....might try them if I don't fall for the carpaccio

          2. It's on the casual side. but if you time for lunch that day or the next, you have to try Duck Fat. An entire restaurant concept built around Belgim fries cooked in Duck Fat. Simply awesome. All other recs at the "sit down" places are just about can't miss also.

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              We've settled on 555 for Saturday night. Will def''n report back on our experience.
              Does anyone have a rec for a nice place for a pre-dinner cocktail near 555?

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                Top of the East at the Eastland Hotel is nice. It's the top floor (all windows) so you get a great view of Portland and it's right near 555.

                Eastland Park Hotel
                157 High St, Portland, ME

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                  I was thinking about the TOE but apparently it is under renovation and closed? Did anyone else hear this? If so, any other recs?

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                    Haven't heard about TOE, but some alternatives include 555's own lounge/bistro, right next door, and, if you're going to be wandering around the Old Port, probably a 10-minute walk from 555 is Eve's at the Portland Harbor Hotel: very stylish. See http://www.portlandharborhotel.com/fi...

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                  although a good restaurant, 555, is not the best Portland has to offer. if you haven't already, take a look at Bresca, Evangeline, Emilitsa, and Hugo's.

                  this was too short a thread to uncover the depth of the scene in Portland.

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                    "Does anyone have a rec for a nice place for a pre-dinner cocktail near 555?"

                    I would agree with the Top of the East. If you are a younger hipster type of person, and yes that matters in this case, you could check out the White Heart which is right next door to 555.