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Mar 4, 2009 05:45 AM

In need of some kick-butt appetizers!

Planning a very special house party and would really like some over the top appetizers. Any suggestions?

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      I love the look of Emeril's Lobster Cheese I wonder if you could do it as mini cheesecakes rather than serve it in wedges?

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        Probably, I don't like a big cake or quiche, people are less likely to eat it. It is also extremely rich, I tried it. I couldn't eat it. Made it for a small party get together. No offense, a great recipe, just way to rich for me and 2 of my friends.

    2. I like to My filet mignon bites on a baguette with a horseradish cream fresh arugula and a olive tapenade. Toast the baguette, rub with garlic then top with a olive tapenade, some fresh arugula and a nice thin slice of filet mignon, marinaded in a simple garlic marinade and then topped with a horshradish cream.

      I make lobster cones, just using puff pasty and making small cones when they are baked and then make a lobster salad with fresh dill a a yogurt mayo, add some thin sliced cucumber, red pepper and jicama stuff the cones.

      These are not fancy, but popular. I get large grape tomatoes, cut a hole in the top and stuff with a large black olive, then I use a herbed cheese (buy or make your own either or) and stuff the olive. They are fun and pretty and they love to gobble them up. I do soak both the tomatoes and olives in vodka prior to stuffing.

      Shrimp and citrus skewers, simple but great flavor, marinade the shrimp in a little teriyaki, ginger, orange and grapefruit juice, honey and red pepper, then skewer just a couple of shrimp and some slices or orange and grapefruit. Once grilled I stick them in a grapefruit. Cut a slice off the bottom so it sits well and put on a platter, but several in the grapefruit for almost a centerpiece then the rest around. I make a honey lime cilantro and sour cream dip. Simple but it accents the shrimp.

      Small potato and spinach cakes with roasted red peppers served with a spicy mustard and chili sauce.

      For munchies I love pancetta wrapped bread sticks (very plain, but people love to nibble on them. I use the mini bread sticks.

      Ok, cabbage, pork, cranberries and apples, all thin sliced and some pecans rolled up in puff pastry and then surved with a greek yogurt, honey sauce with some nutmeg and cardomon. Make one long roll and then cut into bites.

      Cranberry, turkey and goat cheese fried ravioli and any baked ravioli is great. I make one with salmon, dill gruyere and then serve with a lime lemon sauce.

      I love baby stuffed white potatoes, hollow out and stuff with everything from crab, chicken, cheese, vegetables and caviar

      I also love to thin slice my smoked salmon paper thin and roll with a simple marscapone filling, some diced olives and scallions paper thin. They aren't fancy but just pretty and very well liked. I also do the same version with tuna, scallions, thin sliced jicama and carrots and an asian sauce.

      I like finger food rather than forks. These are some of my favorites, some are easy ... some more difficult. I have found with most parties, since I cater a lot that sometimes it is beneficial to serve things NOT to different, but it depends on you friends attending. You know best with your friends. I have some very adventurous, and some not and the same with some of the parties I cater, so I try to go inbetween.

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        Can I come to one of your parties?

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          Sure, FL, right now 75 and sunny!! Give me a days notice :)

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          All of your ideas sound awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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            Thanks for the fantastic ideas! Problem is, they all sound sooo good, the lobster, the tomatoes, and the filet are sure to be their! Thanks again, and you are always welcome.

          2. Figs sliced 4ways not quite through, stuffed with bleu cheese, wrapped or not in prociutto. Baked until runny.

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              I do the same, but with goat cheese instead of bleu. One of my favorites!

            2. The Kilted Cook's signature Appetizer:

              Basil-Mango Shrimp
              1 Mango
              12 leaves fresh basil
              1-2 lbs shrimp.
              1-2 Tbsp Cajun/Creole spice blend, Mesxican spice, Chile Powder, etc

              Peel and pit the mango and toss the meat in a blender with the chopped up Basil. Whirrrr until you get a thick puree. Chill.

              Toss the shrimp with the spice and saute with a splash of EVOO until cooked just right. Chill.

              Shrimp Cocktail - put the sauce in margarita glasses and hook a half dosen shrimp around the rim.

              Shrimp "Shooter" - put the sauce in shot glasses and put a single shrimp on top.

              Shrimp To Dip. Put the shreimp on a platter with a serving bowl of the dip and an empty for shells.

              Shrimp Salad - Lay down a bed of Mesclun or micro greens, add a few shrimp and spoon the sauce over.

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                You can't go wrong with shrimp!

              2. Smoked trout salad in endive leaves
                Crostini with seared skirt steak and chimichurri
                Smoked salmon-horseradish mousse on pumpernickel rounds
                Piquillo peppers stuffed with white anchovies and goat cheese
                Chicken tikka masala drumettes
                Corn blinis black bean salsa and carnitas