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Mar 4, 2009 05:29 AM

Best ice cream cake

So with my birthday approaching, I'm treating myself and friends to ice cream cake. After calling Toscis, I was disappointed to learn that they don't do an all ice cream cake option anymore -- there's a layer of cookie/cake on the bottom now. I'm looking for all ice cream. Explored the JP Licks options online and theirs is cake-less. Any opinions? Anybody have the Toscis cake-version recently and can comment on the bottom layer? Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's a Carvel in Malden. They have cookie crumbs in the cake, so I'm not sure that will work for you. It's not Tosci's, but the ice cream is pretty creamy.

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      My family swears by these cakes (me - not so much). The Whale being the favorite.

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        Phew, so I'm not the only one who still likes Carvel ice-cream cakes? I could die for those cookie crumblies in the middle. The ice-cream itself is pretty bland, but those crumblies are worth it.

      2. I didn't know there was a cakeless ice cream cake - so is it just a solid block of ice cream? I sorta love ice cream cake for its combo of ice cream...and cake!

        1. Lizzy's in waltham makes a very good ice cream cake, and it is all ice-cream with cookies or crunchies in the middle. Also, Cabots in Newtonville makes a very good ice cream cake.

          1. I've been really happy with the JP Licks cakes - we've gotten oreo, the peanut butter cake (they gave me extra peanut butter sauce for free - yum), and the coffee heath bar. Enjoy!

            1. Ron's in Hyde Park. An unusual place to find the a bowling alley, but it is! The Clintons use to have it shipped to the White House. They have another place in Dedham Sq, but I think it only opens seasonally.