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Mar 4, 2009 05:27 AM

Pizzeria Del Corso in Marine Park?

Anyone know anything about this place? Their pizzaiolo, Nino Coniglio, is on the US Pizza Team (???) and is presenting Dom in his induction into the Pizza Hall of Fame.


I've never heard of this place and was wondering if anyone has checked it out.

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  1. had pizza there 4 times. The fresh mozzarella slice is very good. The owner is trying very hard to establish himself. Place is clean. No burnt pizza oven smell and ver good pizza. Definetely worth a try.

    1. this place is awesome! Their homemade gnocchi is the best ive ever had and the pizza is perfect... nice crisp to the crust, all FRESH ingredients. I hear they even make their own mozzarella. Its pretty entertaining to go there especially if you manage to catch one of the pizza guys spinning dough and flipping it around his back! ...the kids love it!

      1. I've been there quite a few times & everytime, the food was excellent! The pizza is out of this world, especially the White Pizza & the one with the home-made mozzarella. The meals are also fantastic, portions are large, the desserts, esp. tiramisu & cannolli, are great! The decor is beautiful too. Tell everyone you know to try it out. This comes from an Italian by the way!

        1. I just found this place and it is super. I love their grandma's pizza which is a square pizza, but not thick like the usual sicilian and with a great dough. It has great tomatoes that I was told were San Marzano and I am sure they are because of their taste, with mozzarell and fresh cut up basil. When it comes out of the oven they grate fresh cheese on it and put on this fabulous olive oil. This is the way pizza tasted like when I was a kid. I have tried pizza in other places with fresh basil but this has it beat. They have a nice dining room in the back with a interesting menu, but I have not tried it yet. I will do so.

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            2 slices and a soda is $5 at del Corso. One slice at Difara is $5. You go figure!