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Mar 4, 2009 05:18 AM

Prime Meats?

So I heard that Prime Meats is now serving alcohol, but does anyone know if it's serving food yet? Or when it will be?

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  1. Yesterday while ogling Prime Meats from the street, my partner briefly chatted w/one of the Franks. Supposedly they are opening for drinks tonight, but he was pretty vague on when they would start serving food--"a couple days or weeks."

    1. apparently the franks are opening up a new cafe in the prime meats on wednesday. in house baked pastries, stumptown coffee.

      i'm just glad i dont pass the area en route to my morning commute or else i'd have diabetes in like 6 months.

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      1. re: the_state

        I do. I can avoid the pastries, but the coffee is pure, delicious crack.

      2. We just visited Prime Meats tonight for the first time. They are serving a small bar menu--all German inspired. We had a very crisp and fresh red cabbage salad with parsley. Tasty. But the real star for me was the Weiss Wurst-- homemade and very delicate. It came to the table in a pot of water and we were instructed to peel off the casing. I was a little wary of DIY sausage peeling at first, but the effort (which was minimal) definitely paid off. The accompanying mustard was tangy and delicious, and the side pretzel was pure bready and salty goodness. We also had the pork goulash with spaetzle, which was delicious. Great spaetzle. All together, it was a terrific, snacky meal and I'm very excited about the addition to the neighborhood. They say the dining room (next door) will be opening soon and will "expand on" the bar menu. The cocktails at the bar are also great. It was full, but not crazy busy earlier this evening. And the atmosphere is relaxing and nice. Highly recommend a visit!

        1. Okay, I understand that this might be an odd question given the name of the place, but do they have a decent number of non-meat items?

          1. Well, it seems to be official now: They are serving breakfast, lunch & dinner, and brunch on the weekend.

            We had brunch there earlier today. Very limited on brunch items, like Frankies: They serve french toast and a fritatta with veggies and a cabbage salad. Not long as I have Stumptown coffee, I'm happy!

            Has anyone been for dinner yet?

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              I went for drinks last night, and they were serving dinner. Only one room is open - apparently, there will be another dining room and an upstairs bar or something.

              Place was packed last night. I heard the host telling a walk in that it would be a 2 hour wait for dinner and that was at 10:15pm.

              1. re: Jorel

                My husband and I had dinner at Prime Meats last Thursday night. We had an excellent meal. The food feels very authentically German/Central European and the atmosphere is great. We tried the sakrut garnie, which is essentially a huge plate of high-quality pork meats and sausages, and I also tried the goulash. Very good food. I've written a full review on my blog, but overall we had a very positive experience there. We're huge fans of Frankies Spuntino, so we weren't too surprised.


                  1. re: Bob Martinez

                    Actually, we were surprised--we walked in around 7/7:15 on Thursday night, and we were seated immediately. I've seen it get quite crazy on the weekends but I think we were lucky last week.

                    1. re: artichokeheart

                      That's good to know. I've been wondering if the entire Frankies Empire had become crazed lately. We went into Sputino a few weeks back on a Friday night and were told it would be a 2 hour wait. We passed.

                      1. re: Bob Martinez

                        My husband and I have noticed though that the wait is rarely as long as they say it is going to be. We usually give them our cell phone number and go have a drink at the Minibar across the street. It's rare that we wait longer than 30-45 minutes for a table. We love it there though, and we're usually willing to wait for a little while. Sometimes we do pass on it when it seems really crazed, but we love it just the same.

                        1. re: artichokeheart

                          I've seen that. When we arrive we've been told that the wait will be 45 minutes to an hour. Usually that turns out to be around 30 minutes.

                          When I heard "2 hours" I figured something had changed.