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Mar 4, 2009 04:15 AM

cape coral -- new "twisted lemon café" -- great pancakes

mandy connell on WINK-am raved this morning about this brand-new place on pine island road, between skyline and chiquita, iirc. she said their pancakes were out of this world delicious, and tasted like cupcake batter (presumably *baked* cupcake batter).

(she said she went there because there were tons of people in line at bob evans for breakfast... and she was hungry ;-).

next time i'm down in fort myers in april, i'm going to check it out.
let us know if you go. it is probably not limited to breakfast....

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  1. I had read reviews that the service was horrible, but the food was described as good by some people. For this reason I decided to give Twisted Lemon Cafe a try and judge for myself. The first thing I noticed was the lack of professionalism of the teenage staff. The place was pretty empty (and that alone should have been seen as a red flag). I decided to order a lemonade in honor of the cafe's namesake. I also ordered the corned beef hash with eggs and up-charged to a bagel instead of the standard toast.
    The food came after a while, at which time I inquired about when our drinks would arrive (it's unheard of to have food come before the drinks). The best part of the entire meal was actually the slightly-burnt bagel (a few scrapes with the knife and I was able to remove the burnt parts). The lemonade was watered down and needed much more lemon juice in it. The corned beef hash tasted more like mashed potatoes with tiny boiled ham dices in it.
    I wondered if the cook had misplaced the salt and pepper shakers as the food lacked any flavor or seasoning. Had they boiled the corned beef to ensure all flavor was removed first? How can corned beef itself be bland? The corning process itself adds flavor; how do you manage to counteract that? Hmmm.
    The service didn't disappoint --- it was just as horrible as people said it was. The server virtually ignored our table despite the low number of of patrons. The attrition that occurs in the restaurant business as unsuccessful businesses go under will most likely claim another victim -- Twisted Lemon Cafe. When it does happen (and it will), I can say that this writer will not be sad to see it close.

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      welcome to chowhound. what places do you like in the cape?

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        It's not new. It's been there almost 2 years. It could be a good upscale breakfast place, it just misses the mark in just about every area.
        I missed how old the first post was
        So if they're still here after 3+ years they must have some loyal followers