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Mar 3, 2009 09:23 PM

Sri Lankan in the outer boroughs?

Watching No Reservations tonight, I started jonesing for Sri Lankan food. I have only ever had it at Lakruwana (their Manhattan outpost which seems to be no more) which was always incredibly delicious, always interesting. I have found a couple of places in Staten Island that look promising. What are your favorites of the SI places? Are the pretty easy to get to from the ferry terminal? Anyone know of anything else around NYC? Feel free to include anything in Manhattan as well.

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  1. Sigiri in the East Village has been very good the few times I've been. I'd put it just a notch below Lakruwana, but above New Asha (though I haven't been there in about 3 years).

    I;d love to find that crab curry that Anthony Bourdain had in the show; it looked amazing.

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      I think Sigiri is excellent and I enjoy it more than I did Lakruwana.
      I had a trip planned to Sri Lanka two years ago but the political situation changed that.
      Lambretta, have you been to Sri Lanka? I'm curious how authentic you think Sigiri is.

    2. There used to be a place called Bownie, in Flushing @ 143-05 45 Ave, just a hole in the wall. I haven't been in about 3 years. The phone was 718 463 8621.

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        You beat me t o the punch here. Bownie is one of the more underrated, undermentioned places on this board, perhaps because it is slightly off the beaten path (depending on how much people like or dislike walking; it's about 15 minutes from the 7 stop/heart of downtown Flushing, not far from the Hindu temple/ Dosa Hutt).

        I was most recently there this past summer, and had an excellent, firey and tasty fish curry. My stand-by dish there is a melange of your choice of meat, mixed w/ various veggies and shredded bits of roti, piled high on the plate, and cheap. It's about as hot a dish as I can take.

        And, yes, Bownie pretty much defines "hole-in-the-wall." It's a dimly lit storefront, and, in about 5 visits, I've always been the only customer (have gone mostly in the middle of the day at around lunch time). From the looks of it, you wonder how they stay in business. Then you taste the food, which is consistently good to better.

        This place deserves more attention.

        1. re: Polecat

          Many thanks for the update. It's good news to see that they are still around.

      2. I rec'd Sanrasa on a different thread; I've only had their sunday buffet (but best to call them to confirm exactly when they have it).

        it was really good.