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Mar 3, 2009 08:52 PM

Quick dinner before winefest?

We are going to the Playhouse Winefest on the saturday night. Got any ideas for a quick early dinner? We are staying at the Marriott on Hastings and prob walking to Canada Place.

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  1. well I gotta say it's tough in that area but:
    Lion's Pub - Good pub food
    There are a couple Japanese places down Water St (W cordova turns into Water) - Guu

    Transcontinental Steamworks (right next to Steamworks)

    There's just not much there, and I speak as someone who has to eat quickly between the afternoon part and the evening part on Thursday and Friday!

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      Metro is pretty good, and very close to Canada Place. Herons at the Fairmont Waterfront is nice too, although I'm not sure it meets your requirement of "quick".

      1. re: bluegoat

        I've noticed Metro has been under renovations for at least a month - odd for the high season. Anyone know what's going on?