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Mar 3, 2009 08:48 PM

Group dinner/drinks with "theme"

I need to plan a work-related party for 60 people.

-- The budget is approx $75 pp (all in) for food and drinks.
-- We do not need a sit down dinner although that option is ok too. But passed around food or buffet should be hearty enough for dinner.
-- The atmosphere should be festive -- more party than work. Some people will def stay out until the wee hours of the night once the dinner has ended
-- We're thinking of a "theme" place that has some sort of activity/catch to engage some of the normally stiff, less-social folks.
-- Aiming for a Sat night

Some places we're thinking about are : Johnny Utah's (bull riding), Lucky Cheng's (althoughthe food is too horrible to consider), Le Souk (they have dancing), Slate (pool & ping pong), Flute (champagne tasting) ect...

What else should we consider? Is there any place with good mariachi? Cuban music/dancing? Is there some over-the-top Bollywood-esque place? What else could be really fun? Totally open for suggestions. THANKS!

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  1. If you're considering Johnny Utah's, I'll mention that Mason Dixon also has a mechanical bull. I went to hang out there when it first opened - was ok.

    There's also Tracy J's Watering Hole on E. 19th, which has very well-attended karaoke nights and a party vibe.

    And Bowlmor.