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breakfast @ bloor & spadina

meeting for breakfast tomorrow. would like something walking distance from the subway. thanks!

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  1. Try Mel's - Bloor/Brunswick. Should be an easy walk from the subway. Just a warning - the breakfast is a greasy spoon type, not really upscale or anything. However, their hashbrowns are delicious!

    1. You could also try By the Way Cafe. They have standard breakfast fare, along with some twists. And Aroma has the all-day breakfast, which is delicious.

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        Oh, forgot about that one! I used to go there when I lived in the neighbourhood...nicer vibe than Mel's, but I haven't been there for breakfast before.

      2. I had the same thought regarding by the way but I have my doubts that they are open during the week for breakfast, I would give them a call.

        There is a bagel world that has opened up on the south side of Bloor, just west of Spadina. It is casual but they have good breakfasts.

        Oh, the perfect place just dawned on me, Aroma. It is closer to Bathurst (at the corner of Albany and Bloor).
        They have a fabulous breakfast (IMO) Eggs, toast, salad, cream cheese. Delish!

        1. I went to Mel's for the first time today with a friend, who's been there before. She was happy with her omelette, but I wish I'd sent my latkas back to the kitchen--overcooked almost to burned, very greasy, with a filling that was barely noticeable. And the coffee was lukewarm. Maybe they do better with their more visible (and expensive) smoked meat dishes.

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            I'd say Mel's isn't a place to eat in the daytime. Its main draw is the all-night hours -- and the real Montreal-style bagels.

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              What was the filling in the latkas? I've never heard of stuffing latkas before.

            2. Aunties and Uncle is good. Theyr'e at College and Bathurst.

              1. Your BEST option is Aroma. Get the Halumi sandwich. One of the all-time best sandwiches in TO.

                Or the huge breakfast plate is also very good. Eggs (any way), super fresh bread, feta cheese, cream cheese, Tomato and cucumber salad, balsamic dressing - the perfect Israeli breakfast.

                1. Oh I haven't tried the halumi sandwich but it's been on my list of things to try at Aroma. The mediteranean sandwich is amazing, eggplant, eggs, pickles, hummus = yum! The stuffed bureka aswell is amazing!
                  Regarding Mels, it serves it's purpose as a local greasy spoon but I refuse to go there, it is one of the dirtiest restaurants i've ever seen. I'm surprised they have been able to get green passes from the city.

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                    Halumi sandwich and burekas treat are amazing. I also l-o-v-e their chicken sandwich.

                    They open early and the coffee is good - it's a solid rec for breakfast if you're in the 'hood - that said, I wish they had a few more breakfast items on their menu.

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                      Just down the street from Aroma is Insomnia, which I finally tried last weekend based on recs on this board. Based on our first brunch there, it's definitely on our regular brunch rotation. Hubby really liked their coffee, which had a touch of cinnamon in it (whether it was added to cover up a lower quality coffee is hard to tell). I had the grilled cheddar and tomato with peameal bacon. It was very good -- the multigrain bread was a bit heavy, but I asked them to make it without butter, so that may have added to the problem. The home fries are interesting there -- they are tossed in a bbq-like sauce. I enjoyed them, but i can see how they might be a turn off to some. Apparently you can ask for them without the sauce. Hubby's yogurt and mueslix was very good (and big!). The atmosphere was very casual and we were able to read our paper leisurely at a 4-top without feeling like we were being rude. Waitress was super nice. Carafes of water and lemon on the tables were a nice touch. I actually can't believe it's taken me this long to try this place. Thanks, hounds!

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                        I love the chocolate banana pancake at Insomnia, it's one big pancake finished in the oven. Very yummy. Between that and chilling on the couches in the back, makes for a very relaxing lazy morning!

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                          Sounds like dessert, yum! I didn't even notice the couches in the back, doh. Do they have a patio, by any chance?

                    2. I've lived in the annex for years and have only recently been hearing things about insomnia. I tried to go for brunch there a few weeks ago and it was packed, I'll have to go earlier, sounds like a delish meal!