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Mar 3, 2009 06:40 PM

Rec's for nice dinner with visiting hubby new to Philly

I'm living in Philly for several months for work, but am from Houston. My husband is visiting next week and we love experiencing good food and wine. I'd like to go someplace nice but not TOO ridiculously pricey/pretentious. I would love to try out an independent, local spot with a seasonal menu and a solid sommillier. Not too stuffy, but quality. Any suggestions from the local foodies? Thanks!

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  1. Southwark - Local/Seasonal, great bar program, romantic.
    Ansill - Small plates, yummy, open late, great bar/happy hour
    Chick's - Small Plates - great bar, tiny and romantic
    Little Fish - BYOB - Very tiny, might be too late for a reservation. Amazing seafood.
    Cochon - BYOB - French country, emphasis on the piggy. Kind of loud. Great meal.
    Amada - Spanish Tapas, great sangria.

    1. I'm betting that our Italian restaurants are probably better than what you get in Houston (just like your BBQ is better than what we have here) so I'm going to recommend Paradiso in South Philly.

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        I think you'd be correct in that assumption - thanks all for the replies!