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Mar 3, 2009 05:47 PM

Philadelphia this Weekend

We will be in Philly this weekend staying at the Sofitel. We are mainly coming to go the Philly Craft Beer Festival which we'll be attending on Saturday night. On Sunday we most likely will go to the Flower Show. In between all that that we'll be eating and drinking.

So my questions, Saturday before the festival looking for a place ot have an early dinner. We were thinking of burgers, but want a really good burger. Any suggestions?

Looking for a breakfast/brunch suggestion up in the area of our hotel for Sunday morning.

Sunday night going to Amada for dinner. They have a special tasting menu paired with beers in conjunction with beer week.

My husband is into beers, you could probably figure that out. I am more of a wine or a cocktail person. So I wouldn't mind some suggestions of some really cool bars where they make amazing drinks.

The one place I plan to stop at for sure, maybe a couple of times is Capogiro for gelato. I dream of their gelato.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. as to your breakfast question, which hotel are you staying in?

    1. Good Dog, which isn't too far from Sofitel, has a great burger, so that might be a good choice for your Saturday dinner.

      Monks Cafe has a great belgian beer selection, fantastic mussels and a decent burger. Tria is a wine and beer bar with a good selection of both, as well as very good food--cheeses, bruschetta, paninni, salads, etc. Both are within an easy walk of Sofitel.

      I don't know as much about brunch options. If you want something expensive and lavish, LaCroix in the Rittenhouse Hotel is fantastic.

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        I'd second the burger at Good Dog. It's only a few blocks from the Sofitel and also has a ot of good beers. And I'd second Tria (but there are no burgers to be found there, just healthy salads, pannini, etc.)

        1. re: bluehensfan

          I seem to remember reading somewhere about the burgers at Good Dog and that they were very good. Checked out the website and the one stuffed with blue cheese sounds great.

          We aren't limiting ourselves to the area by the Sofitel, we'll take a cab if need be.

          Monks Cafe is one of the places I had in mind. Also had looked at Standard Tap, supposed to be a great beer bar and I read the food is decent too. Any comments on there?

          And I'll skip Tria, while it looks good, it is not going to be a healthy salad type of weekend.

          I had considered the brunch at La Croix but figuring we'll be having dinner at Amada that night probably want something lower key.


          1. re: KathyH

            Standard Tap was probably one of our first gasto-pubs. They have very good food, A well ranked burger and great specials. If you head into Northern Liberties (where the tap is) there are many great places to drink and nosh - No. 3rd, Bar Ferdinand and it's sister rest. El Camino Real to name a few! Check out some of our beer centric threads too.

            1. re: Bigley9

              throwing in a 2nd for standard tap - though i haven't had their burger personally, all the food i have had is excellent hearty pub fare, and the beer list which it sounds like you'd be into is wonderful.

              also throwing in a rec for the prohibition taproom, a little closer to your hotel - very similar to standard tap in terms of food quality and beer selection, in a slightly riskier neighborhood but also has the perk of being nowhere near as packed or loud. and as far as brunching goes, i recently raved about cafe lift, their sister restaurant across the street. they're on 13th just north of callowhill (unless you're serious walkers and OK with a so-so neighborhood, that's cabbing territory). both have some seriously savory food.

            2. re: KathyH

              Monk's is ok...but not as good as Good Dog. I know it's going to be in the 60's this weekend but the Naked Chocolate Cafe has really good hot chocolate and treats (one is at Walnut and Juniper).

        2. Sabrina's or Honey's for brunch, but be prepared to wait if you're going on a sunday.

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          1. re: morecrackerspleez

            if you decide on Sabrinas for brunch, see the line and think you might want more options, ask for directions to La Lupe which is through the Italian Market just past Washington on 9th, they have the best juevos rancheros in the city and there will be no wait. For another more standard brunch neat Sabrinas, there is the Royal Tavern, which may also have the citys best burger on Passyunk.

          2. For Sunday brunch, since you said you'd be likely going to the Flower Show, what about Dim Sum in Chinatown? Right nearby, cheap, and you can eat as much (or as little) as you want to save room for the dinner that night.