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Mar 3, 2009 05:30 PM

Where To Dine Near The Wilbur Theater?

Going to a show sat night with some fussy easy eaters. I was thinking Ivy or something in Chinatown. Anythoughts. Any help would be be great,

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  1. What does 'fussy easy eaters" mean?

    Plenty of choices in Chinatown, or try Montien for Thai.

    More expensive choices include Teatro, Avila, Pigalle, BiNA, Troquet.

    1. Ditto - need more definition of the eaters or restaurant you'd like. Can you name restaurant you enjoy for a comparable one in the neighborhood?

      On the more expensive side is the newly opened (and awesome) Bina Osteria.

      1. I'm assuming "fussy" means "not adventurous"? If so, they might like Jacob Wirth. I wouldn't call it gourmet food, but I had a nice meal there a couple of weeks ago. I think it's a decent place and reasonably-priced. The atmosphere is fun, too.

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          I've had a fun experience and a more disappointing experience at Jacob Wirth's in the past few months. The atmosphere is indeed fun, but the second time I went, with visiting relatives, we struggled for the attention of our waitress, who was busy but also clearly focused much more closely on her regulars. In fact, she chided us for not letting her know when one of our party of four was apparently forgotten and didn't get his entree until close to half an hour after the rest of us. However, she never actually checked our table during that half-hour, or we would have let her know much sooner!

          One other warning - make a reservation. They get packed with pre-show crowds.

          1. re: mwk

            The atmosphere is fun, the beer is good, but IMO the food is terrible. Especially the German fare.

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Agreed - as a fan of German food, I bristle every time some poor soul posts on this board looking for German restaurants and somebody recommends Jacob Wirth's. But I quite enjoyed an assortment of appetizers we ordered on our first visit - calamari, pretzels, and so on.

          2. If you can afford it, BiNA

            1. Intermission Lounge is quick, reasonably priced comfort food.