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Mar 3, 2009 05:16 PM

Upscale Indian or Thai in Brooklyn (Downtown or Williamsburg)?

Greetings from Minneapolis. I'm looking for an upscale Indian or Thai place in Downtown, Williamsburg or even Park Slope that will take a reservation. I have to book the table tonight for a Friday night dinner in Brooklyn. I've combed the archived topics and found nothing that fits the criteria. I did find Lantern Thai Restaurant, but is that upscale?


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  1. You found nothing in the archives because there is nothing that fits this bill. Be careful about trying to find upscale Indian or Thai anywhere in the areas you describe... I've lived in Brooklyn Heights for 27 years (half my life) and think I know Brooklyn pretty well & I dont think there are any that are even close. Definitely not Indian and, although you have a better shot at getting good Thai food on Smith St, it's not upscale and it's not all that good. There are probably 20 Indian and Thai restaurants in the areas you're looking at but none (I repeat... none) are upscale and most are not better than mediocre.

    I spend a lot of time trying to convince friends to come to Brooklyn now that we have some excellent restaurants that you can find listed on this board by me and many others. But, for upscale Indian, I recommend you get into a cab & go to Devi, in Manhattan (it's not that far & it's on for reservations). I'm less conversant about good Thai food around NYC &, when I want some, I go to Sripraphai in Queens (which you wont be able to easily find or get to). Some folks on this board might be able to recommend a good Thai place that's easier. Sorry.

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      Thanks- I was afraid there would be nothing. I haven't been to NYC in years, but I had a hunch that if I couldn't find what I was looking for on the boards, then still it didn't exist. Thanks for the recs.

    2. There are a number of fairly upscale restaurants in Brooklyn, although not Asian. Expand your view to Venetian/Northern Italian, French, New American and we can help you. Or if you are willing to go to Sunset Park for Chinese (Cantonese), Pacificana is fairly upscale. For Thai, you will have to go to Queens. Sripraphai is one of the best (perhaps the best) Thai restaurant in the USA, and while it is not upscale, it is pretty comfortable.

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        Thanks for the recs, will definitely consider them next time. This week has to be Thai or Indian, though. A MSP expat has recommended Beet; it's not upscale but looks great to me.

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          I have been to Beet. Beet looks 'modern' and 'designed', but you will be sorely disappointed with their food. I went for a simple pad thai thinking they could handle was almost inedible. Way too much... sugar?

          I have lived in Williamsburg for 11 years and while we have our share of Thai (non-upscale) there is merely ONE indian restaurant (North 5th Street- DO not, I repeat, do NOT eat anything there). The best thai in this neighborhood is IMO is Khao Sarn. It's not upscale, but it's very homey, the staff are great and they recently added a bar area with thai inspired cocktails. I eat here about once a week. I love their veggie duck bt they do great bigger entrees as well. The mango duck.... aka Sha Cha is my favorite.

          It's not thai, but maybe have a look at Zenkichi on North 6th St. It's a japanese brasserie and it is awesome for a special occasion.

      2. I concur with all the posters--finding upscale Thai or Indian food in the neighborhoods you mentioned isn't going to happen. Beet is just okay. If you're willing to consider Korean fare, Moim in Park Slope is good and the room is elegant without being stuffy.

        1. What about Joya? Not specifically in Downtown Brooklyn, but only about 5 blocks south in Cobble Hill at 215 Court St. (bet. Warren & Wykcoff Sts.) Gets a 23 Food rating from Zagats.

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            It's ok Thai but far from upscale and very crowded/noisy. Same for their Park Slope sister restaurant, Song. Both lively, hang out, easy going , worth the inexpensive prices places with relatively pedestrian food.

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              After one dinner at Song, my ears rang for a week. Painfully, painfully loud.