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Mar 3, 2009 05:03 PM

Passover site

I am looking for a place that is having passover seders. Preferably somewhere where we can have our own tables and conduct our own seders. Would also prefer kosher, but doesn't have too be. Needs to be in L.A./Beverly Hills area. TIA

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  1. Not sure what you mean when you say "place having Passover Seders - where we can conduct our own Seders". Seems counterintuitive to the collective experience of the ceremony. Anyhow, several years ago, when the rest of the extended family developed the flu 2 days before Passover, my SO and I went to Jar and had a lovely time at their Seder. Very well done (and the food was, of course, delish). As well, since we were the only couple there who were not part of a larger family group, the Rabbi came and his wife came and sat with us during Afikomen to keep us from feeling too left out:).

    1. Spago is one of the classics, with Ms. Lazaroff running the show. Not kosher, shared tables.
      Lots of other options in the Pico - Robertson area.
      Many synagoges offer collective sdarim.
      Kashrut levels of your choice, from Chabad to ... well ... conservative.
      Now, regarding having your own table and conducting your own seder, I've never seen that in a "public" seder context.

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        I'm looking for a restaurant that has a seder. We've gone to Spago several times and I know Jar and La Cachette have something but budget is an issue. I'm wondering what other restaurants are out there having seders. I'm not interested in a big religious thing at a temple or Chabad.

        There have got to be good restaurants doing this but don't cost as much as Spago and Jar. Any ideas?


        1. was at Akasha in Culver City and they had a flyer for their Seder...second night..looked terrific
          information probably on their website