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Mar 3, 2009 04:59 PM

Passover Coke in the Triangle

Does anyone know where, if anywhere, I could find Passover Coke in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area? I'd like to how the taste compares to Mexican Coke.

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  1. This year the greatest likelihood of finding any Passover food in Raleigh will be at either the Kroger on Strickland and Falls of the Neuse or the Kroger at Lynn and Creedmoor. Both are reportedly taking in a decent amount of Passover stock. The Chapel Hill Kehilla is operating a Passover co-op with a membership fee and otherwise fair prices but I don't know whether or not they will carry soda.

    But please, let me repeat my plea of every Passover. Passover food is very difficult to find in the Triangle and those who require it absolutely must have it. Coke does not show up here every year and it disappears quickly when it does. Please allow Passover-observers free access to Passover products. This is not the time or place to exercise one's foodie instincts.

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    1. re: rockycat

      Of course another way to look at it is if there is a large uptake on these items, it will stimulate the stores to carry more of them. If they have a lot of inventory sitting on shelves the week after Passover, it reduces the incentive to order them next year.

      And it's hard to reconcile "absolutely must have it" with Coca Cola! :) I don't remember where that fits in on the traditional seder plate... I need to check my Southern Haggadah.

      But I get your main point, and it is conscientious and well meant. Not trying to bust your butt here.

    2. I have frankly never noticed it. For those who are interested, the difference between Passover Coke and regular Coke is the sweetener -- the passover version uses cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup.

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      1. re: durhamois

        Very technically, there is another difference - the way the gas for the carbonation is produced. I'm no chemist so I can't go into details but I believe that the CO2 is normally a byproduct of grain fermentaion. Since that would be forbidden on Passover, another means is used.

      2. On a related note, has anyone found a good selection of Passover food in Durham/Chapel Hill? I'm having no luck so far (the Kroger I tried didn't have have Passover-kosher matzah in stock).

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        1. re: carrborocupcake

          Give it a weekm or two. It's still a month 'til Passover and the stores are just getting their stock in.

          1. re: carrborocupcake

            Word of warning, buy all the Passover supplies you need before the holiday actually begins. The supermarkets normally do not get in any additional stock during the holiday itself, so when the matzah is gone, it's gone.

          2. alternatively, you could always get Mexican Coke from any one of the dozens of Mexican tiendas in the Durham area...I see it everywhere but am too partial to sweet tea to really appreciate the difference between cane sugar Coke and regular Coke.