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Mar 3, 2009 04:57 PM

El Charrito - Stamford Taco Truck Menu

Hi -

Today was El Charrito's Grand Re-Opening for 2009 and it didn't disappoint. Thought I would post their menu in followup to this post for those of that are interested (calling ahead works really well 203-940-0922):

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    1. re: gunksny

      Thanks G. When jfood was there, and not being familiar with Mexican menues, he just stared.

      Now he can go prepared

      1. re: jfood

        I'm just bummed I missed out because yesterday and today they had a special for cochinita pibil tacos. Man, those are some of my favorite tacos on earth. (I wonder if they even had those awesome picked onions... the pinkish ones that, with habanero salsa, make cochinita pibil an ultimate Yucatecan treat).

        How do I know that was their special without stopping by? Because they've got a stinking facebook page and they used it to broadcast their special on it. Now, how cool is that? Finally a good use for Facebook...

        1. re: adamclyde

          adam: Have you ever gone to this cute Puerto Rican place almost across from Vets Park Norwalk, went there and I thought it was pretty good. But you are the expert I think in this area so I was just wondering, we had the roasted pork yummy, rice and beans, yucca, baked chicken but will try more if I hear what others think. They had this dish that looked so incredible it was like a lasagna but made with plantains and I am not sure what else. Thanks

          1. re: nbermas

            I think it's called Julie's, right? No, I haven't been, but I've been wanting to. Surprisingly, there are virtually no pure puerto rican restaurants in lower FF county, so this stands out. But I still need to try it.

            Glad you liked it. I'll need to head over there soon.

            1. re: adamclyde

              Do you know what they are known for as far as there specialties at a place like this? It wasn't as cheap as our special truck in Stamford but it was good. Also there is a little shop in Stamford going towards Greenwich on the right side that looks like a Bodega but it does say something about food, I don't know the name but it seems like a place you must have tried, do you know what I am speaking of? Thanks

              1. re: nbermas

                I know the place. They always have a sandwich board placard out front. Something like El Rincon or something. It looks Peruvian, though I haven't been yet. Also on my continually increasing list of places to try.

                As for typical Puerto Rican dishes, it sounds like you got a good sampling. Pernil is the famous roast pork dish (sounds like what you ordered). There are always a mish mash of plantain sides (tostones), chicken (like arroz con pollo), etc. Some puerto rican places have a lot of chuchifritos items (little fried appetizer like dishes). but this place may not specialize in that.

                1. re: adamclyde

                  Adam: That is the name thanks, ok and thank you for my lesson, it intriques me all the different latin food places I always see what you say and try to remember. I am going to get out more now that the weather will be nicer, thanks.

    2. Great to know they've re-opened. I was hungry for their tacos and other delights today, but thought it was too cold to be in that truck, so didn't bother to drive by and look for them.
      I also advise calling ahead to hear what the daily special is, cause some of them are better than anything on the already tasty menu. They are also very helpful if the menu is "greek" to you!