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Mar 3, 2009 04:30 PM

Bridesmaids Luncheon Venue

I am getting married in September, and I'm looking for a restaurant in Dallas for my bridesmaids luncheon. I would love to do it at a tea room or something similar. I'm trying to keep everything in the Dallas area to make things easier for my wedding party - the ceremony will be at First Baptist Dallas, the reception at Hickory Street Annex. I'd like for it to be within 10 minutes of these locations.

Any suggestions?

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    1. Not sure where the church and reception sites are so these may all be too far away, but check them out.

      Love the Arboretum! It is probably my favorite, especially during the blooms (end of March until beginning of May). I think it is about $30 a person. They also do a light salad lunch that I have been to for a bridal luncheon.

      Maudee's on Lovers near the Petco (or Petsmart one of the pet stores). I think it is about $18 a person. Nice, but the scones are just so so. Very intimate for tea, as it is a small shop.

      Grand Lux at the Galleria. Really good scones, but the tea is in bags. Not really my idea of tea, but the food is REALLY good. The noise level in there is soooo loud so make sure to go in the middle of the afternoon. My sister did this for her bridesmaids and we liked it.

      Adolphus. It has been a while since I've been there, but it was nice. Very,very formal and the most expensive of any of the above. I probably wouldn't recommend it for a bridal party unless you like the extremely formal and prim and proper thing. Also, you have to valet park.

      Arlington Hall at Lee Park. I haven't been there yet bc you have to have a group of 8 or more to reserve, but they have several different tea menus. I think that they specialize in Bridal teas. If you decide on this, let me know what you think. Here is the web addy:

      Chocolate Angel Tea room in Richardson (now also in Plano near the Willow Bend Mall). I haven't been but have heard rave reviews. I think that they are also a little less expensive.

      I saved this from the guidelive.
      It is a feature on teatime in Dallas.

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        Totally off topic from food, so this post may be shown the exit.... I've been to the arboretum for a couple of lunches (tasty morsels and wonderfully appointed) and the venues that they offer are incredibly superior, set in beautiful surroundings – (as I understand and FYI) with only the price of admission, you can tour the grounds with your photog taking wedding/engagement pictures.

      2. I had my bridal luncheon at the Zodiac room (Neiman's) at the Northpark location. It was wonderful and such a special memory.

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          Breadwinners off McKinney Ave. They sectioned off the back part of the atrium and had a set menu with a few items to choose from off a special printed menu just for us. They did a great job! It's a nice relaxed atmosphere. Not sure what it cost however but I don't think it was too costly.

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            Thanks for everyone's suggestions! I actually picked Bread Winner!