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Mar 3, 2009 04:13 PM

Club Espanol du Quebec??

Has anyone been here? I've heard good things...what do the chowhounds think?

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  1. They have a great terrace for sipping sangria in the summer, but I find the food to be so so. If you're in the mood for Spanish food, I'd definitely recommend the Sala Rosa instead, and if you do go, make sure to order the grilled calamari tapas--so good.

    1. I haven't eaten anything but their tapas for as long as I can remember, so can't comment on the paella, zarzuella, or others.
      The tapas can be hit or miss. Usually quite good are the sardines, gambas a la plancha, tortilla, and mussels. Like I said, usually; I've had the shrimp underdone a coupla times and the tortilla hardly warm, etc.

      Don't expect a beautiful, quiet dining room, its touted as a social club first and a restaurant second and can be raucous (partly why I like it...). They feature flamenco dancing Wednesday nights (I think around 10pm or so and it fills up early).

      My small clique stop in Sala Rosa from time to time. Some of my frineds like Sala Rosa over Club Espagnol. Me, I prefer the Club.