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Mar 3, 2009 04:02 PM

Left over sauerkraut

Hello! I have about 2 cups of sauerkraut left over from making turkey reubens. I know that I COULD throw it out, but does anyone have any better (easy/simple) ideas?

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  1. it's a traditional pairing with roast pork. you could also use it as a base/bed for stuffed cabbage rolls.

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    1. Cut up some apples, add some brown sugar and a little grainy mustard... mix that into the sauerkraut.

      Add some good sausages (bratwurst, Aidells Chicken Apple, bangers... whatever you like). Simmer on medium until sausages are cooked through. Or if you have a crockpot, put it in in the morning on low and 6 - 8 hours later it's dinner.

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        Perfect suggestion.

        Or you could throw add some tomato paste, caraway, onions, garlic, seasonings and various cuts of pork and kielbasa for bigos.

        1. I'm weird -- I always have some won ton skins in the freezer. I'd squeeze the kraut dry, add some dill seed and use egg wash to encase the kraut in the pasta skins. Boil until done then saute in butter, like pierogies.

          Chopped sauerkraut mixed with chopped broccoli is also a cool side dish. Pass the butter.

          1. Salmon with Charcroute is really easy and super delicious. Charcroute is basically french sauerkraut and this recipe is uses sauerkraut as the base.