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Mar 3, 2009 04:02 PM

Lobster in Cleveland?

Will be at Cleveland Clinic in two weeks and wonder if fresh lobster is on the menu at any of the best restaurants. I know it's ridiculous but I'm having brain surgery and it may be my last meal with taste buds intact. Just kidding about the taste buds. It will be a long recovery, though, and we want to splurge before it.

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  1. In the downtown warehouse district is Blue Point, which is excellent. That and Pier W, which is right on the water, serve the beast seafood in the city.

    1. kathrynanne's calls are both very, very good ones. There's also Don's Lighthouse, a durable place with a fine reputation for its seafood.

      And best wishes for your speedy recovery!

      1. There are several restaurants in Asiatown ( that have lobster tanks and the skill to cook it. Top on my list are Siam Cafe and Wonton Gourmet; Li Wah and Bo Loong also have their followers. This is closer to where you will be and parking is easier.

        Also - check with Table 45, located right in the Clinic area. Chef Zach Bruell is the food man behind this place, and he knows his seafood.

        1. Thanks so much everyone. It's great to have something to look forward to this trip!

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            Nauti mermaid has a lobster special on mondays.
            I would definetly consider the Asian places NancyH mentioned.
            I hope everything goes well for your surgery and Cleveland treats you well

          2. Moxie is one of my favorite restaurants. Right next door and operated by the same management is a steak house called Red. That's where I would go if I wanted lobster. The fish at Moxie is flown in fresh daily so I suspected that the lobster would be fresh at Red. I asked just to make sure and a chef who works at both confirmed that the lobsters are blissfully unaware of their impending fate right up until they're ordered.

            Red would be a 20 minute drive from the Clinic area but it's worth it.

            Moxie Restaurant
            3355 Richmond Road, Beachwood, OH 44122