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Lunch Specials-Westchester

I like to have lunch out with friends. We go to White Plains, Rye, Harrison,
Greenwich or closeby. Any suggestions for lunch specials? I was wondering if there are any hidden lunch specials given the current economy. Thanks.

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  1. Best kept lunch secret in Westchester, imo, is at Bloomingdales.....sssssssshhhhhhhh

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      Love the popovers at Le Provencal at Bloomie's!

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        For clarity, not to nitpick - Le Provence is the restaurant at Bloomingdale's. Le Provencal is on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mmk.

    2. Aurora in Rye has very nice lunch specials...you should check it out.

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        Thanks, we thoroughly enjoyed Aurora for lunch. The special is 2 courses for $13. I had a delious salad and pasta with eggplant for my main. My friend had soup and a personal pizza with goat's cheese from their brick oven. She also enjoyed the lunch..

      2. I think some of the Restaurant Week specials have been continued in NYC. Perhaps there is the equivalent in Westchester?

        1. Hubbie and I had a delicious lunch at Harry's Burrito's in Larchmont - $9.95 included choice of chips/salsa, soup or salad, entree (I had the mexican burger - fantastic!) and soft drinkk/iced tea.

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            On your rec. DH and i had lunch at Harry's today. We were very happy with our enormous burritos on whole wheat tortilla with brown rice and black beans. This is NOT a fancy place but it's clean and the food is prepared fresh and is really good.

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              ooops sorry I didn't read your post containing the brown rice and w/w tortilla information :)

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              I went there recently too and it was really good. They even have brown rice, soy sour cream and whole wheat tortillas as options. Portions were very big. Also you can add a margarita for another $2. ! The only draw back was eating in at lunch time there were several moms who wanting nothing to do with their children who were treating the place like their private playground. Seriously, one of the kids almost tripped someone carrying a tray of hot food! I have witnessed this type of situation more than once there. Last time I did take out :)

            3. Thanks, all. I have lots of lunching to do! A friend mentioned EuroAsian in Port Chester. It is a bargain at $9 and includes miso soup, a salad and then the main dish with 2 small spring rolls and rice. I've enjoyed several different chicken dishes that are nicely prepared with fresh ingredients. Definitely worth a try. They have sushi specials too.

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                EuroAsian has new management and is now awful. Avoid it. We left there hungry. The mango chicken that I had eaten there often was not edible, the mango was hard and terrible. My friends were unhappy also. When I called over the waiter (who knew me from many visits before) he just shrugged. I will not be back.

              2. Pastina's on Central Ave in Scarsdale/Hartsdale has great pasta specials for lunch. Been there many times - always consistant for lunch.

                1. OK. Wife and I went to Harry's Burritos in Larchmont last Monday. Ordered the chipolte enchiladas and the enchiladas in red sauce. Both dishes were INEDIBLE! We agreed that this was our worst dining experience in at least the last four years. Also cost $34 out the door for lunch.

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                    No BUENO budinado. I have to admit the last time I had food from there I was also disappointed. But I thought since I had had good experiences there before and that I had taken food to go, that possibly the bad food was an anomaly.

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                      Surprised anyone on here would want to eat there. A mini-chain from manhattan catering to the drunken NYU crowd from what I can remember from my time in the village. One look at the menu and the inside of the place is surely enough to turn you away, no?! Especially when decent, authentic and inexpensive mexican/latino food is available in nearby port chester.

                  2. I saw a sign this afternoon outside Frankie & Johnny's in Rye announcing a 3-course lunch including salad or maryland crab cake, petite fillet mignon or catch of the day, and desert for $22. To me that is an amazing price for a steakhouse of this calibre that usually charges full NY steakhouse prices.