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Tequila Sunrise - Larchmont

jhopp217 Mar 3, 2009 03:42 PM

This post is about what I ate, it is not a debate on what is or isn't authentic mexican food.

This past Saturday I went with five others to Tequila Sunrise. Now I have a little history with the place, because an old girlfriend used to hostess there when it was Pancho Villas. I would alway pick her up and grab some free eats and thought that place was wonderful. When it changed hands I was less enamored, but that was at least 15 years ago.

Well we started at the bar with their house margaritas and some chips and salsa. The margaritas were slightly strong on the Triple Sec, but very tasty nonetheless. And at $7 a piece a fair size. The salsa was excellent. Not that rustic fresh style, but this was much thicker with a heavy hand on the chipotles, which was a nice change from the regular salsa places put out. Was it from a jar, who knows?

The place was packed and we had a 6:30 reservation, but chose to stay at the bar a good 30 minutes after our reservation and we were seated immediately upon letting them know we were ready.

We started with two apps for two for the table to share. The Hot appetizer was a combination (Picada Mexicana) of nachos, chimichangas, quesados, flautas and guacomle. I had a Flauta and quesado and they were a little dry, but flavorful. The cold appetizer was to be a chorizo, cheese, and some other itesm, but they gave us the seafod plate by mistake. This had camarones acapulco, ceviche, two oysters, two jump shrmp, and guacamole. There were actually three dishes on the plate but not sure what one of them was. All three were tasty, and the ceviche was perfectly done with citrus and some milder spices.

I honestly don't remember what four of the people had but I had the Tacos de Puerco. Three small soft tacos with pork, lettuce, pickled red onions (amazing), and cilantro. Served with a small side of rice and beans. The taco shells themselves weren't big enough or thick enough to withstand the filling and fell apart. Aside from that the combination of the pork with the red onions was amazing. The lettuce and cilantro balanced out the other two. the rice and beans were pretty much a garnish and didn't blow me away in any sense. I tasted my girlfriends meal which she ordered special off the menu. It was a spinach burrito (actually three of them) and it was pretty bland. They really didn't spend any time seasoning or satueeing the spinach.

The service was beyond excellent and our drinks were never empty, although on mor ethan one occasion the bus boy did try and take a half full beer off the table. The mariachis went around to what seemed like an unending list f birthday parties. A free sombrero for our birthday victim was a nice touch.

I had a good time, but will compare it to my local and favorite place, Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe. Obviously Tequila wins on atmosphere and drinks. The mariachis were fun and my food was very good. My knocks are thay my trio of tacos were about 1/4 of the size of the tavos at BP and they were $17. I'd go back for the fun atmosphere, but will quench my mexican thirst at Burrito Poblano.

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    rolise Mar 4, 2009 12:15 PM

    I first went to Tequila Sunrise for a friends bridal shower. She is mexican and knew either the owners or workers there. We got great service and food was wonderful. Went back a few times. The first time we got good service and food. After that it was not so great and we stopped going. I think it depends on your waiter and how busy they are.

    I too like Burrito Poblano, but be aware that they did raise their prices recently and are not as much of a bargain for the burritos and quesidillas as they used to be.

    1. momof3 Mar 4, 2009 10:26 AM

      Good and fair review jhopp. I too remember when it was PV and have visited the bar on more than a couple of occasions over the last 2 decades under both names.
      I feel like the food there is always good, not great. I love the tequila menu which really sets it apart from some other Mexican places that will just bring you the whatevermargarita.
      It is a great and very festive place to have a birthday celebration. I had the best time (from what I remember) a few years ago when I was the sombrero wearing birthday celebrant. I seem to remember bottomless pitchers of margaritas after our top-shelf menu chosen initial cocktails.
      Hmmm, I feel another party in my near future.
      Thanks for the review :)

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