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Mar 3, 2009 03:29 PM

Menu Ideas for a Father/Daughter Dinner

Does anyone have any menu ideas for an upcoming Father/Daughter dinner? The price is $25 for both father & daughter. I've never been to one of these events so any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Include "POPovers"! Popcorn Chicken? Popsicles? "Girled Cheese" sandwiches?

    1. As Personal Chef, I "cater" events like this all the time. here are some good, inexpensie ideas that are still elegant

      Chicken Breast with Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce
      Rice Pilaf
      Steamed Veggies with Chinese 5-Spice

      Individual Shrimp Pies (like crawfish pie with added vegetables

      Ratatouille Stuffed Portobello (vegetarian option) with Saffron Rice

      Salmon with Dill Sauce
      Vegetable Stirfry
      White Rice

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        Awesome suggestions! Thank you! I love the idea of the Chicken Breast with Red Pepper Cream Sauce. The kids love chicken (probably without the sauce) and I can add the sauce to the adult plates to make it fancier. Perfect! You wouldn't happen to want to share your sauce recipe would you?

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          I just get a jar of roasted red peppers. Or roast 3-4 over flames and do not remove the black (flavor) bits. Then make a simple white sauce - flour and butter roux thinned with whole milk or half & half and white pepper to give it a bit of punch.

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            Sounds easy. Thank you for sharing.

      2. What is her age? And is she a good eater adventurous or a bit picky eater

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          The average age is probably around 12-13.

        2. Would you please explain what kind of event this is - is this for a group where you spend $25 for both or is it a meal just for two that you are preparing and taking somewhere?

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            I've been asked to cater this event. The charge is $25 for both father & daughter (just letting you know so I don't get Lobster or Prime Rib suggestions). I'm thinking there will be about 50 to 75 participants total. The food will be cooked and served in the same building.

          2. I love individual pot pies, I think shrimp was noted, good idea. I love chicken or beef too especially for the kids.

            Skewers are fun and kids love them so do adults. You can make some amazing skewers with a simple dipping sauce, shrimp and citrus, steak and mushrooms with horseradish, lamb and peppers with cucumber dressing.

            Fish rolls which I love, easy and simple. Lots of different stuffing with a simple lemon white sauce

            Pork tenderloin stuffed with fruit and a red sauce make with pomegranate and fruit sauces over it. Sliced thin for each person.

            Grilled fruit skewers are great for kids with a honey yogurt sauce or Grilled peaches over a simple grilled pound cake with some marscapone cheese, some rum sauce for the adults and fresh pecans and not rum for the kids.

            I love making a salad bar ... NOT the usual. I put small individual leaves of lettuce out, then I have a bowl of shredded lettuce, cucumber and carrot, then a few small bowls of mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and then dressings, also some cruched up garlic baguettes for a crunch. they make their own. Or you can pre stuff if you know the kids will eat onions and tomatoes or make some with and some without. It is inexpensive, easy but sun to serve. Everyones individual salads and kids like them. Just let them dress it themselves. Small radiccio or endive works great for this.

            Pasta with a mushroom and fennel sauce with walnuts and cream. Simple easy and a great vegetarian if needed.wouldn't eat the red pepper cream, crafish, or rataouille, but probably the salmon without dill.

            No offense, they sound wonderful

            Also a simple pasta kids love. Never met a kids who doesn't like it. Make one with a fresh creamy tomato sauce, No chunks, creamy and add some cream and parm to make it satifying.

            Turkey breast, easy, roast with a nice apricot and cinnimon and clove broth. Simple flavorful, easy to serve, just slice, kids love it, Can reduce the sauce with a little white wine or brandy and thicken slightly. Serve with wild rice or a pilaf

            I did a whole party with pastas 3 different and 3 different types of skewers and dips. Then dip a great squash gratain and then different grilled veggies for desert.

            My ideas and what I cater with.. Most of the 13 year olds I have had a parties and I do a lot of family parties wouldn't eat the red pepper sauce, shrimp pies, dill sauce and not ratatouille. But I love them. Nice menu. I once I learned the age thought I would tone it down as all. Just what I have catered recently very particular the kids are. I know some aren't and some are very adventurous. But I recently catered 4 Sweet 13, 16 and 18 parties. This kids wouldn't eaten one of these dishes. Sad I know. And I totally disagree the kids are not more adventurous, but reality at least where I live. Everywhere is different.

            I love the recipes, when's dinner? :)
            So I was just trying to offer a bit more kid friendly food is all.

            Chicken on a skewer is fun for kids but make it adult, buttermilk thin strips ribboned on the skewer and then dipped in pecan bread crumbs and served with a parmesan dipping sauce, still elegant but fun

            A creamy roasted tomato soup as an appetizer is great, elegant and easy, add some sherry which will most likely be evaporated enough for the kids, some fresh fennel, onion and spices. Top it with cheese for the kids and some toasted very very thin onion rings lightly pan fried in just flour for a garnish, they are great

            Grilled pears is another great grilled fruit desert, cinnimon, nutmeg and allspice and honey, simple, add some run for adults, apple juice for the kids, easy and delicious, ice cream or marscapone. Not hard at all.

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              Wow! So many great ideas. Thank you so much for taking the time to give such a detailed post. It has helped tremendously.

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                welcome, hope they help, sorry about typos, still looking for the mystery glasses and someone the cats haven't confessed yet what they did with them.