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Mar 3, 2009 02:59 PM

Riva's Margherita pizzas and tiramisu

How are these at Riva on Wilshire and 3rd, near the promenade?

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  1. I've had both. The Margherita pizza is indeed very good with a tangy sauce and a crispy crust, but you must also try the potato/rosemary pizza. The tiramisu was just OK. I've heard good things about the fritters so you might want to try those instead.

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      Someone else in our group wanted to try the potato rosemary pizza - I wasn't keen on the idea, but I ended up really enjoying it - good rec.

    2. Tried their pizza last week, a margherita and a Nizza (anchovy, caper etc.) and wished that they were better. It is more bready than I would like. The sauce tasted a bit too much like tomato paste for my palate. I greatly prefer Mozza and Antica. This place is closer to me but I don't expect to be going back. Service is uber-pretentious.

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        I didn't mind the crust myself, but the red sauce wasn't my favorite either. As to service I've only been once, but I didn't encounter any pretentious service - uber or otherwise.