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Mar 3, 2009 02:32 PM

Chinatown dim sum restaurant with cart service that is big enough for a party of 20 people

I want to find a Dim Sum place in Chinatown to bring a group of 20. It must have cart service and be a big place, like a chinese banquet hall. Any ideas of someplace good. I want a place like Gold Mountain but not Gold Mountain.

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  1. If I knew why not Gold Mountain, that might help! Off hand, I can't think of any places that fit your description that are better than Gold Mountain.

    1. I think there are only three more places in Chinatown which may have cart service. Y Ben which I do not recommend and City View nicer than Gold Mountain which I remember to have cart service but you will need to call and make sure.

      Finally New Asia Garden on Pacific has cart service but it is very loud.

      Multi links is not work but you can check Yahoo or something like it.

      Y Ben House Restaurant
      835 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

      1. I'd think no carts for that many people would be better. You could wipe out a cart of the items that you want and still not have much to eat. Whereas if you go with a menu, you can order as many, say, har gow as you want. Just a thought.

        Also, with a party of 20, would you pretty much have to have two round tables for ten each?

        1. Y Ben house definitely has carts, seats 900 and I, for one recommend it. If your reluctance to go to Gold Mountain is based on perceived lack of spiffiness, however, stay away from YBH; it's like a huge Dol Ho in that respect.

          Haven't been to Asia Garden in years, and have no idea how the food is these days, but it is the doyenne of Grand Dim Sum parlors.

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            Based on my last visits to both New Asia Garden and YBH, GA is better at this time but not like the bygone days.

          2. There is another place it on Powell and broadway. I dont remember the name of the place. But it's pretty good and has the space for the amount of people you need to entertain.

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            1. re: blackrosedragon

              If you're thinking of Lichee Garden, it no longer serves dim sum.