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Mar 3, 2009 02:24 PM

tamales in KC

Apparently, I'm having a party on Friday and need a large supply of tamales to go. Any recommendations for good places? I'm in Brookside, so Southwest Blvd is fairly convenient, but I'm willing to travel a bit.

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  1. Ortega's Grocery & Reataurant, 2646 Bellview (816) 531-5415 The best! We've had their tamales for parties many times. Call a day or so ahead to order. Be sure to have breakfast there when you're picking them up.

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      Bichelmeyer's sells 'em for $10/dozen on Saturday. They're really good, but that's no help to you.

      Mariscos Vera Cruz in downtown Olathe has excellent tamales that are steamed in banana leaves, Call firs so they can get the order ready.

      You may also try Tienda Casa Paloma on Metcalf.

    2. Maybe the mex bakery @2100 Summit.

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        the Carniceria El Torito has good tamales all the time. They are $ 12 a dozen and come in two or three different kinds. (4901 St. John Ave near Budd Park in Historic Northeast) Also the mexican bakery El Paso del Norte has good ones at 3430 Independence Ave.