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Mar 3, 2009 02:05 PM

Drinks before Pasta Bar(PHX)?

We're going to try Pasta Bar with a couple friends on Saturday night. We don't go downtown much at night so am not terribly familiar with the area. We're planning to take the train out from East Valley and thought we'd get a drink or a glass of wine before dinner.

Suggestions? Needs to be walking distance from a light rail station but not necessarily the Roosevelt/Central station. Getting on at Apache/101.

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  1. How about the Roosevelt or Lost Leaf? Or maybe even The District at the Hyatt?

    1. PastaBAR has its liquor license now, so you could drink there. Before they had their license they were steering people to Sens.

      705 N 1st Street 120, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      Pasta Bar
      705 N 1st Street 110, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      1. I sincerely second the Roosevelt. Lots of style and local charm. Great, low-key atmosphere (* when it's not overflowing with people of course). Plus, it is within a very short walking distance to Pasta Bar.

        It would be a great intro to your night.

        816 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

        1. There is also a pub/restaurant in the same center - Turf Restaurant and Pub owned by the same folks that own Seamus McCaffreys slated to open on Friday (although I read they already had a soft opening). I haven't heard anything about but it would be close by!

          1. Just an FYI, but I'm fairly certain that the main downtown transit station (Central/Van Buren -- across from ASU) is closer to the Pasta Bar than the Central/Roosevelt station.

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              Central/Roosevelt is closer to PastaBar / Sens / Turf -- maybe by one block. Central / VB is a nicer walk through the ASU Downtown Campus, though: