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Mar 3, 2009 01:40 PM

Any good GRILLED fish sandwiches in W. WA.?

Looking to find any good grilled-not fried-fish sandwiches in Western WA. The really only good one's i can think of are at the fish spot at the market in Seattle. more casual spots is better, extra points if available during lunch hours, and city not important as i work on the road. Bring'em on!!!

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  1. I like the grilled ahi sandwich at Hilltop Alehouse in Queen Anne.

    1. Ballard Brothers.
      5305 15th Ave NW

      Cajun Blackened Salmon burger. Best fish sandwich I have had here.

      Order with extra onions.

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      1. Cafe Presse (Capitol Hill): grilled sardine baguette sandwich
        Jolly Roger Taproom (Ballard): Lil' Mahi sliders
        West 5 (West Seattle): Halibut sandwich

        1. Do you mean Market Grill? They have the best around.

          1. The Whole Foods on Westlake does a pretty tasty grilled salmon sandwich