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Mar 3, 2009 01:08 PM

Vegas: Sushi (or other) options with party vibe

I'm heading to Vegas in a couple weeks to celebrate my 23rd birthday and I'm trying to find a place for dinner that fits the following criteria: has a younger crowd/party vibe, isn't outrageously expensive (if possible, under $40/person without alcohol), and has quality food. I wish I could spend more money (or that my friends could spend more), but because of the limit on how much we can spend, I thought that sushi might be a decent option since everyone could eat as little or as much as they wanted. Places I've looked into are Sushisamba and Social House. Do those places have good sushi or is it just "eh"? I looked at the menu for Nobu and it's a little pricier than the other two, but is it worth it in terms of quality? I know that Okada at the Wynn supposedly has the best sushi in town, but I don't think a loud group would fit in as well there. I've been to Tao, and it was decent, but haven't been in a while. I'm open to suggestions of any cuisine, and would prefer to stay on the strip as we won't have a car. TIA!

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  1. Nobu fits the bill with one exception, you will not leave there spending less than $100/person with or without alcohol. It is flat out expensive, even by sushi and LV standards. Tao is by far the cheaper option, but the sushi is not as good. I can't speack to the others on your list. I love Sushisamba, but have only been to the NYC version.

    1. tao, social house, yellowtail - all about the same ( i believe same owners ) - very loud, very hip, ok food ( they basically try to mimic nobu )
      Sushi roku @ the caesar forum shops - great view of strip - also decent, similar pricing to the others and it can get loud.

      the $40/person - it's possible but better plan to hit in-n-out, fatburger or one of the many 24 hour coffee shops around 1 am when your stomache is growling !!

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        Check w/ Sushisamba...last time I was there they were running a happy hour menu where you could choose selected sushi items/ rolls at a discounted price.

      2. Jess,

        Have you considered an izakaya joint instead of a sushi place? And off-strip instead of on-strip? Ichiza seems like a perfect place for a party. There would be plenty of folks your age there. It ain't fancy, but it's full of young folks having a good time. Unlike many izakaya places, Ichiza does offer sushi and sashimi, along with grilled proteins and composed dishes. Lots of small plates to pass around and share. You don't say how many people are in your party -- it's popular and they may only take a reservation for large groups.

        4355 Spring Mountain Rd Ste 205, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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          Thanks for all the suggestions so far! Dave-Ichiza sounds pretty cool, it will probably be a group of around 7 or 8 people so that could be fun. I tried going to the website, but it's down, so I can't see the prices. What would you say the prices are on the sushi and small plates? I assume it would be a lot less expensive than a place on the strip, but since I can't view the website I have no idea.

          Also, you'll probably be happy to know I've already made plans to visit LOS on my trip to Vegas! Can't get enough of their Khao Soi.

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            We've enjoyed Sushi Roku at the Forum Shops in the past. Fairly lively atmosphere in the evening, and the view down the strip is pretty cool. Lots of partying groups of 20 somethings, but not as loud as some of the restaurant/lounge places can get when they turn up the music. Solid sushi, not spectacular but very good. It's the only sushi place I've been to in LV, so can't make any comparisons for you.

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              if you hit ichiza - definitely try and get a reservation. i used to be a fan of ichiza but my last two visits were average at best . The service was very poor - slow in getting the food out, a little attitude, but the food was fun and tasty - i've only tried the sashimi once and it was so-so.

              Happy Eating !

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                I want to echo what kjs said. I don't think the food at Ichiza is particularly great, but it is fun, I think, and lively and unpretentious. Most of the small plates are well under $10, and it should be a good deal less than any of the strip places. At a party, I'd rather go to a less expensive place than to go to a Nobu-type joint and worry that someone is going to order something that will put the whole table over its budget.