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Mar 3, 2009 12:46 PM

Minneapolis business dinner

I am hosting a client dinenr in Minneapolis. We will have between 15 - 25 people, so prefer a private room or private area. We will spend between $60 - $80 per person. We can't do anything wild in terms of tastes, it's a fairly conservative group. We're staying at the Grand, so want to be fairly close. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. Atlas Grille is very close (half a block away) and would be able to accommodate you. Grilled meat and fish. Excellent service.

      1. Second Lurcat, although it is not within walking distance. There is a semi-private area, you get a nice view of Loring Park and their menu has a mix of traditional items like pot roast and more adventurous items like udon.

        1. Firelake, in the Radisson DT has a private room that you can reserve for a group that size. Great food and skyway access from the Grand.

          1. Love Lurcat. But if you need walking distance, I think that Atlas, or it's sister, Mission American Kitchen may serve the needs of a conservative (tastewise) group. I'd also recommend Vincent - but it may be on the edge of walkability from the Grand (5 blocks or so).