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Mar 3, 2009 12:07 PM

Purchase corned beef?

Hi! I always make the full Irish dinner on St. Patrick's day. However, I have been disappointed with the cut of corned beef that I've gotten at Costco the last two years. Where would you guys recommend? Is there a specific butcher or store? I live on the eastside, but work in Burbank. But I would drive most places in LA to get a great piece of meat.

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  1. We had pretty good luck last year with Marconda's meats (in Farmer's Market mid-city). Not salty at all and quite tasty (if not a bit more expensive). If you're close by, it's worth a trip.

    I am also looking to pick up nice corned beef on the west side, but unfortunately I'm not sure I'll be down at Marconda's between now and the 17th.

    Anyone have other suggestions (Bristol Farms, etc.) where I can find a nice, lean, and not-too-salty brisket to make corned beef?

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      If you prefer less salt, try rinsing the brisket before you cook it. As to the fat, I recommend you trim the excess fat after cooking (better to cook with the fat). Corn beef without enough salt or fat will taste like an old shoe sole, -:)

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        In the last week I've been to two Whole Foods stores (in Redondo Beach and on Foothill in Pasadena), and I remember seeing a large refrigerator case of corned brisket at one of them but can't remember which. I imagine that all of the WF are carrying corned beef as we approach St. Paddy's Day. BTW, I certainly agree with KTLA's suggestion about cooking with the fat still on.

      2. We get the Baily's Corned beef commonly available.

        Last year we got a late start and got the Albertsons Market House corned beef. It was very good and we plan to get either on this year.

        1. I was surprised how easy it is to corn your own beef. It takes three days of curing and a bit of refrigerator space, but it's worth it to have control over the flavor and meat quality. You may have to pre-order a full brisket from your butcher. The result is gray rather than the chemical pink of the supermarket version, but it tastes much better.

 has as good a recipe as I've seen:

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            We've always been happy with the CB's at Costco. Had one last night and it was terriffic. We always coook it longer than the label receomments, usually at least an hour per pound.

            Tonight leftovers, YUMMMMM.

              1. re: jencounter

                We also did a Costco CB last night and it was a little salty, but still pretty darn good. Followed the directions on the package and boiled/steamed it for about an hour a pound. Added the veggies a bit earlier than written, (I started cooking, wife finished), but it all was fine.

                Another poster in a thread recommended adding salt to the water. Since the Costco CB is already brined/seasoned: DON'T!!!

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              Sorry, I got distracted replying about Costco, I've not had their corned beef, but I've liked most other products I've gotten there, I remember a thread referring to the popular Alton Brown recipe using saltpeter to get the color, I think.

              And I agree with Will O, a crockpot will never braise as well as the oven or even the stove . . .

            2. I normally purchase what ever bulk packer has on special at my local supermarket for .12/pound ( opps thats the cabbage ) I simmer low and slow to the package direction and trim off a taste piece at 65% of the way and adjust the time. Look at the ads this week for your supermarket. Im sure deals are to be found. Im not an expert but these plastic vaccum packed bags have never failed me.. Just get the point and not the flat cut. Yes its a but more fatty but very flavorfull..

              1. How's is advertising Harris Ranch flat cut for $2.99/lb, which I think compares very closely with the Bill Bailey's I've gotten at Costco. And I won't have to deal with Costco!

                I've done it stovetop, oven, and crockpot, all in a closed pot with water and the spices. I like oven best, though it has to be using more electricity than the crockpot.