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Mar 3, 2009 11:48 AM

KFC Apple Pies (fried)

Just wanted to let everyone know that KFC has those apple pies, like McDonalds, but they fry them at KFC. I remember reading how many people missed the fried pies at McDonalds, the ones I had today from KFC were great!

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  1. That just sounds flat out nasty. Sorry.

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    1. re: NewDude

      Why? Guess you don't like the ones from McD's either?

      1. re: Rick

        They're not nasty - they're delicious! McDonalds apple pies just aren't the same since they stopped frying them... I remember them fondly from childhood, and I had to eat at McDonalds a few months ago so I ordered a pie... and it was VERY disappointing! Fortunately Checkers/Rallies sells fried apple pies too and they taste just the same as the original ones.

        1. re: Kajikit

          I used to LOVE McD's ones when I was young.

      2. They also sell them at Pizza Hut if yours has a WingStreet incorporated with it. They come 6 to an order and have cinnamon/sugar sprinkled on. Very yummy, unfortunately not very good for you but worth a splurge now and then :)

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        1. re: FlowerMoundGirl

          The ones at Pizza Hut don't seem fried at all, or not deep fried (not a bubbly crisp crust) and they are always sitting in a sandy beach of slightly sugared, very powdery cinnamon. The KFC ones were delicious and very like the original McDonald's pies, but they appear to be phasing them out. For a while they kept telling us they were out of them at the local KFC, or that they couldn't make them right, and now they've removed them from the menu. :( I don't understand. Everyone loves these pies. Why do places keep discontinuing them? Someone should open a place that sells just fried pies!

          1. re: bluela

            I don't think anyone else is actually paying attention to this thread anymore, but I had to note that they brought them back at our KFC. They had just had a mishandling problem with the cooking (although apparently they are a pain to prepare and package). The price has been bumped up to $1.19 for two, but that's still a great deal. They are the closest to the McDonald's originals I've tried, and reheat well in the toaster at home.

            1. re: bluela

              Well, I'm paying attention and I'm going to get some right now. :) The man on the phone says they're apple turnovers and they're fried.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                They look much like the old Mickey D's pies. They remain HOT AS HELL INSIDE just like the pies we all remember. Somehow, in my nostalgic memory, the filling was better at McDonald's (that clown made a mean apple pie back in the day, and then they had those talking trees, too, remember?!), but this is the closest thing I've had to that in a long time. Thanks for the tip and the trip down memory lane. :)

        2. And I do remember those fried McDoogle pies. Loved them and was very disappointed when they designed the baked ones. Sooooo....KFC has 'em. Hmmmm...

          1. Theye're great with a big ice cold glass of milk!

            1. Popeye's Chicken also has fried apple pies....but after they're cooked they are coated in cinnamon sugar. Yummy!

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              1. re: VegasEl

                Same with Rally's/Checkers - the cinnamon sugar is a nice touch.

                1. re: FlyerFan

                  Hardees also sells them 2 for a dollar...they don't have the cinnamon sugar on them, but they are fried!