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RR on Nightline

I usually watch Charlie Rose at that time, but for some reason wound up on ABC and caught a segment with Rachael Ray: http://abcnews.go.com/NIGHTLINE

I've gotten really tired of her over-the-top style and can barely watch her shows these days, but she seems to take a lot of heat and I tend to root for the underdog..... so I watched. It was sortof a "Hey, I am what I am and enough people seem to like it that I'm successful, so it is what it is!" kindof thing. I thought she was refreshingly candid and natural.

Love her? Hate her? She's got a large following and makes lots more money than I do, so live and let live I guess. I've switched to PBS for the most part anyway.

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  1. Kind of tells you more about the state of journalism on Nightline than it does about Rachel ray.

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    1. re: Phaedrus

      As I said.......... I watch Charlie Rose most of the time. I can't figure out WHAT Nightline is trying to be anymore.

      1. re: Midlife

        Well, once you figure it out, you might want to tell them because they are clueless.

        I am with you, Charlie Rose is the best, thank goodness for DVRs though.

    2. "I haven't re-invented the wheel, I'm not a chef, I haven't created any new technique in the kitchen, I'm not a rocket scientist; I think I'm good at writing accessible, fun, and affordable meals for the average American family. That's what I think I'm good at." Rachel Ray, on Nightline

      Wow. You know, I don't much watch her, just not my cup of tea, but wow again. Is that ever concise, honest, and genuine. How can anyone hate on her for that answer? She is what she is, and she knows it. And apparently, people love her for it and buy her books, and watch her show, and buy her products. I wonder if she'd get as much slack if she were a doctor, lawyer, or accountant? Then again, people do like to slam Suze Orman. Do we think it's a female thing?

      Oh, and I'm not sure what the hate-on is for Nightline also, but I very much enjoy watching it when they have topics that are interesting to me. I think they do a good job at reporting. And I like Cynthia McFadden. She's a good journalist. The other guy, I just always associate him with the Michael Jackson interview, so I don't know, it kinda taints it everytime he's on. But he's ok.

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      1. re: Raquel

        The perception is that Rachel Ray panders to the average American, and since most if not all CHers are or at least consider themselves above average, we can't show any love for RR. I think that' the logic.

        1. re: Raquel

          Compared to its heyday with Ted Koppel, Nightline just isn't very stimulating anymore. It was a serious news show, now its a fluff show. Not that there isn't a need for fluff shows but all the news shows ARE fluff shows.

          As for RR, its her ever ubiquitous presence.

          1. re: Phaedrus

            Fluffier than Charlie Rose and 60 Minutes, yes. But I'd still take it any day versus most of the reality shows. But I get what you're saying. Has definitely become more sensationalized from when Koppel was doing it, but I think that's more a product of what TV in general has become. I noticed that Jamie Oliver will be interview this week on Nightline too. I'd like to catch that.

            I truly have never given Rachel Ray a second thought, but I do like it when people are real and I just feel like she's not pretending to be anything she isn't. Perhaps CH'ers can take a lesson from that and maybe not think that they are "above average"....

            1. re: Raquel

              I don't think it is much of a stretch to say that your "average" CH'er is "above average" when it comes to interest in and knowledge about food.

              I have no problem at all with who Rachael Ray is or what she does, but she just doesn't have much to offer me.

          2. re: Raquel

            What, exactly, does "hate-on" mean? "Hate" is way too strong a word for what's being said here about either Rachael or Nightline. See below posts from Ericandblueboy and Phaedrus. Just because people have issues with a personality or a show doesn't mean they come anywhere near 'hate'.

            1. re: Midlife

              I don't think she's referring to things said specifically in this post (yet!), but it has certainly been the norm for RR to get ripped apart on CH.

              I personally have never understood why people here hate her so much. She's trying to get more of the general population to cook and try new things at home. If she can convince a family to try to cook meals at home a few times a week instead of going out to eat, grabbing fast food, or even always eating frozen meals high in preservatives, I applaud her. It doesn't have to be your cup of tea, but that doesn't mean she isn't doing good.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                Hi Everyone, Please have a look at this post about threads that talk about TV personalities. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3343...
                This particular topic can get repetitive and unpleasant fast. Thanks a lot!

          3. It was a ridiculous interview. Asking about photos from 2003. Softball questions. Why not ask why Dunkin' Donuts ended their association with her?
            Why not ask why she publically stated she does "not eat processed food" yet endorsed Burger King, Nabisco and donuts?
            Why not ask why she has a foundation against childhood obesity, yet she won't put nutritional information on her fatterning gut buster recipes she keeps putting out?
            Just a pathetic interview.
            No problem with her personally, she's just flying under the wing of Oprah and taking every chance to fame whore she can get.

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            1. re: Firegoat

              She "won't" put nutritional information on her recipes? Do you mean she has been asked to and actually refused? I find very few cookbooks that aren't "corporate" (ie. my Betty Crocker and Good Housekeeping binders) or health oriented (ie. Cooking Light) include nutrition information. Believe me, I wish they would, but it's certainly not the norm, and so I'm not sure it's fair to criticize Rachael Ray for failing to do something the majority of the industry does not do.

              1. re: charmedgirl

                Well if you claim a recipe is "healthy" and "figure friendly" and you're pushing an anti-obesity agenda, it would make sense to include it. She's been criticized for years for outrageous portion sizes and massive calorie loads. Just recently the Food network site has added nutritional information to some of their recipes. None of hers so far that I've noticed. I am waiting for nutritional info on Paula Deen's deep-fat fried butter balls tho..... :D

                1. re: Firegoat

                  We'll disagree on your first point -- in my experience, LOTS of chefs tout the "healthful" nature of their food without providing nutritional information.

                  As for the second point, for quite a while the Food Network site has provided the nutritional information for recipes from chefs that were specifically geared to cooking for a weight conscious crowd (ie. that "Low Carb and Loving It" guy, Juan Carlos Cruz, Elie Kreiger). So while I haven't been to the site and maybe you are right that the nutrition info is new, I suspect you may be looking at recipes from a chef of that sort. I highly doubt we'll ever see Ina, Tyler, or Paula give out nutrition info. (As an aside, there are tons of recipe builder websites out there, so if you are concerned you can also plug in a recipe and see for yourself. I love 'em and highly recommend. :-D)

                  1. re: Firegoat

                    >>I am waiting for nutritional info on Paula Deen's deep-fat fried butter balls tho.<<<

                    I really don't want to know. leave me in the coccoon.

                    1. re: Phaedrus

                      It is time to become a butterfly Phaedrus. Wait... that would be a chrysalis.... um... well time to become a moth or something.

                      1. re: Phaedrus

                        "deep-fat fried butter balls"
                        fat rendered in fat...good lard!

                        1. re: Phaedrus

                          Deep-Fried Butter Balls?

                          What in the world is that?
                          Why would anyone eat it?
                          Are you guys kidding? It's an exaggeration ... right?

                      2. re: charmedgirl

                        In her magazine she has been asked to put nutritional info on her recipes. She has recognized this a number of times in the letter section and she basically has said she won't do it for all the recipes. But I believe they now have a section (1 section) with nutritional info included.

                        I also take issue with her having a child nutrition website and organization and then being the spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts...just doesn't seem right.

                        Firegoat--I didn't know Dunkies dropped her. What is the story there???

                        1. re: Elyssa

                          You will not believe why Dunkies dropped her.


                          She's a terrorist???? Cripes what have we come to.

                          1. re: billieboy

                            They only dropped that one commercial, she was still pitching for DD after that ad was dropped.

                            1. re: billieboy

                              The linked article says nothing about DD dropping RR or as Firegoat put it "ended their association with her". It simply says that DD pulled one ad featuring RR because of silly complaints from the far right wing of the blogosphere.

                              1. re: billieboy

                                That's insane. Yet another reason why Michelle Malkin should be banished to a small island and never heard from again!

                        2. Dunkin Donuts didn't drop HER, they dropped the ad. That's very different. Celebrity endorsements are just a contract with a specific amount of time and then they go on to the next promotion. All companies change their 'celebrity endorsers', from toothpaste to cosmetics, to shampoo. It's really not that weird.

                          BTW, I think the same people that HATE Rachel Ray, LOVE Tony Bourdain. It says alot about your personality, actually.

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                          1. re: Raquel

                            The perception is that Tony Bourdain is witty and he knows about food. I find Tony occasionally funny but mostly just whiny and bitchy. I only watch his show to see the food (not him).

                            1. re: Raquel

                              >>BTW, I think the same people that HATE Rachel Ray, LOVE Tony Bourdain. It says alot about your personality, actually.<<

                              See, that was an ad hominem attack in response to criticism. Very poor debating technique.

                              >>I think the same people that HATE Rachel Ray, LOVE Tony Bourdain<< This is OK, this is an observation.

                              But this part,
                              >> It says alot about your personality, actually.<<
                              adds nothing to the conversation and all it does is allow you to feel better for a few moments and incite other similar attacks.

                              1. re: Phaedrus

                                Ok, let me explain further, then.

                                IMO if you are a fan of Rachel Ray, you most likely are a positive person who has fun with life. Doesn't take anything too seriously, enjoys reading and learning new things, and generally goes with the flow.

                                IMO if you are a fan of Tony Bourdain, you most likely see the glass as half empty, get angry alot, and think that you are generally more knowledgeable than everyone else.

                                Oh, and I'm not trying to debate. Perhaps others are. I just like commenting on food and food personalities. Let's leave debating technique commentary for other websites. We're food lovers here....

                                If you are not a fan, then that's fine, so be it. But why come on and debate that you hate her so much? I can't say that I'm really a fan of Tony Bourdain at all - I think his schtick was up 16 minutes ago....but I watch him for the FOOD, for the places that he travels. And I don't usually comment on threads that are about him because I don't really like him. But I think those that don't like Rachel feel like they have to tell everyone just how much they don't like her.

                                Rachel Ray is, as someone said, a powerhouse and I guess many don't like it or are jealous.

                                Back to the topic, I think the Nightline piece was good. But I would have liked it to be longer and to show more behind the scenes of the empire that she has. I think it's a great, inspirational story that she started in the grocery store and has now ended up as a multi-dimensional food personality! Good for her.

                                1. re: Raquel

                                  >>I can't say that I'm really a fan of Tony Bourdain at all - I think his schtick was up 16 minutes ago....but I watch him for the FOOD, for the places that he travels, and so be it that I think to myself every once in a while watching his show 'what an ass'. It's always my choice to change the channel. <<

                                  I happen to like the places he goes to and I enjoy his irreverence quite a bit. I am happy most of the time, energetic, outgoing. So, your postulate does not hold in my case.

                                  >>Rachel Ray is, as someone said, a powerhouse and I guess many don't like it or are jealous.<<

                                  Yes, I agree she is a powerhouse, yes she has that certain quality that people seems to like. Her schtick, unlike Bourdain's, get old fast.

                                  And the last comment on people being jealous, how do you know? Or are you just projecting?

                                  1. re: Phaedrus

                                    RR's schtick gets old fast only as it relates to you. Many people don't tire of her schtick. Tony Bourdain's schtick is tiring to me but I have to concede that many people still and likely will always love it. The fact that you're here telling someone categorically that RR's schtick is somehow worse than TB's is exactly what Raquel is talking about (the part about TB fans think they know more than other people).

                                  2. re: Raquel

                                    I'm a huge Anthony Bourdain fan and I am very outgoing and positive. I love life and it's adventures....which is why I love Anthony Bourdain. If you ever meet him or actually follow his writing, shows and career you will see that your charecterization of him is pretty off. He goes with the flow, which is why he is such a great traveller. He also observes things and makes witty comments---given his wit is dry, but I appreciate that.

                                    I'm not jealous of RR. I have 4 of her cookbooks and when I started to get into cooking I watched her all the time in college. During a certain period of my life I really enjoyed her (when she was on the Food Network and the Food Network only). Now I find her over exposed and kind of annoying. I still watch her from time to time. But my taste has advanced beyond many of her recipes. I still have learned from them, and appreciate her 30-minute philosophy.

                                    But none of this has to do with my real issue with RR, which I stated before. I take issue with the fact that she is trying to appear to be all about helping kids grow up healthy and fight obesity yet for $$ and $$ only she contracts with companies that are totally and completely against that cause. It doesn't make sense to me and doesn't jive with my personal politics and philosophy. You can't have it both ways without looking like you are a) selling out and b) only care about the cause because its a hot issue right now. I think THAT says more about her personality then all her giggling and free-wheeling through life.

                                    But I don't think because I find her annoying I'm a negative person. I think I'm just an observant one :)

                                    And probably a food snob...but I openly admit it and see nothing wrong with it.

                                    I don't think its as black and white as you think.

                                    1. re: Raquel

                                      >>IMO if you are a fan of Rachel Ray, you most likely are a positive person who has fun with life. Doesn't take anything too seriously, enjoys reading and learning new things, and generally goes with the flow.

                                      IMO if you are a fan of Tony Bourdain, you most likely see the glass as half empty, get angry alot, and think that you are generally more knowledgeable than everyone else. <<

                                      What celebrity tv chef has nothing to do with one's personality. Lots of people who don't read and are homebodies who watch tv all day love Rachael Ray and happy, outgoing people who don't take life too seriously love Bourdain (I'd actually venture an educated guess that the more adventurous types prefer Bourdain over Ray, whose persona has yet to take off her training wheels).

                                      Frankly, it's intellectually lazy to pigeonhole the populace because they fit into a personal creed.

                                      The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. For instance, it's known that Rachael Ray is not the person she pretends to be on television. Neither is Bourdain. They have honed a television persona that attracts a particular audience. A viewer isn't wrong for having a preference of one over the other. I happen to prefer the edgy persona of Bourdain over the saccharine persona of Ray. I am witty, love life and majored in English.

                                2. Midlife and Ericandblueboy: Agree 100% with both your posts!

                                  Can't we all just get along......??? We're all here because we are 'those who live to eat'...also at the top of this page!

                                  Surely, if you're a real foodie, if you truly LOVE food and cooking then surely there is something that you can get out of Rachel Ray, Tony Bourdain, Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, and on and on and on. Otherwise do you really LOVE food?

                                  Great food is both upscale as well as basic. If the time, place, setting, and mood is right, then the same food epiphanies can be had biting into a fresh donut, juicy cheeseburger, or crunchy bacon slice, just as much as biting into a perfectly seared piece of foie gras, freshly boiled lobster, or a perfect 'pop' of excellent caviar.

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                                  1. re: Raquel

                                    well if you don't even watch RR, why are you so adamant about it? and yes, her entire contract was gone with DD.
                                    not just an ad

                                    1. re: Firegoat

                                      Because I can objectively see that she is filling a need that some part of the public wants. And I can also objectively change my channel as I usually do because I just don't find it that interesting. If it's the only thing on when flipping on commercial, sure, I'll watch it. But I don't HATE her. Two very different things.

                                      Perhaps you can post us the evidence of your assertion that her entire contract was cancelled. I can't seem to find any evidence anywhere on the net. Thanks.

                                      1. re: Raquel

                                        Sure, the original story is here:
                                        and the part you were interested is:
                                        "Still signing, the 40-year-old celebrity chef dismissed a question about favorite recipes - “I have no favorite foods” - one about her now-defunct Dunkin’ Donuts gig - “I am no longer associated with Dunkin’ Donuts. But I still drink coffee” "

                                    2. re: Raquel

                                      The very fact that I love food is the very reason I don't love Rachael Ray.

                                    3. i'm not too fond of rr's ideas on food/travel/fashion. i am, however, in awe of her work ethic. she's a powerhouse.

                                      1. Meh. She is saying hte same stuff in her interviews she's been saying for years. She has been defending her lack of talent with almost the exact same words since she's been on the air. If I hear, "I'm not a chef, I'm a cook," one more time, I think I'll ban watching the Food Network for the rest of my life.

                                        She works hard. Lots of truly talented people work hard and don't make nearly as much money. She said so herself she's not reinventing the wheel. There are hundreds of easy-to-follow, quick cookbooks that aren't all sandwich, mac and cheese, and burger recipes. There are plenty of people who have far more on-camera talent than she has who probably deserve a show more.

                                        I can't stand to see her justify her own mediocrity again and again. People buy the shtick. "She's so 'real'." "She's so 'genuine'." Whatever. Admitting you don't do something well doesn't mean you deserve to be teaching people how to do that thing.

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                                        1. re: Avalondaughter

                                          Thanks Avalondaughter. Since my post got pulled above talking about her oversaturation, you said what I've felt for awhile.

                                            1. re: Firegoat

                                              And I agree to infinity and beyond. Why celebrate , embrace and expand the coffers of a self-proclaimed mediocritite?

                                        2. And yet everyone on here clearly read the thread title, knew it was about Ray, and still clicked on it! That's powerful! Whether you view her as a negative subtraction or a positive addition to the food world, she made you click.

                                          As for the poster that was worried about her affiliation with children charities that in their view contradicts also being under contract with places like Dunkin' Donuts. It's the classic story of using bad money for good, IMO. Sure, take from Coke, Dunkin, McDonald's, etc. etc. and use it to teach kids about GOOD nutrition instead. The money's gotta come from somewhere.... I don't see a problem.

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                                          1. re: Raquel

                                            And yet everyone on here clearly read the thread title, knew it was about Ray, and still clicked on it! That's powerful
                                            LOL, there is nothing in the thread title that indicates its about Rachael Ray. If it said AB on Nightline, I wouldn't have had a clue that it was Anthony Bourdain on Nightline,.

                                            And I have yet to see her teach anyone, much less children, about good nutrition.

                                            1. re: Firegoat

                                              "LOL, there is nothing in the thread title that indicates its about Rachael Ray. If it said AB on Nightline, I wouldn't have had a clue that it was Anthony Bourdain on Nightline."

                                              To the contrary............. I'd argue that Rachael Ray is SO well-known that her initials are instantly recognizable my a large audience, especially in the context of these boards. Bourdain as well, but maybe not quite as universally.

                                              Personally I'm not an RR fan and love AB. I'd recognize both by their initials on a food site board called Food Media and News.

                                              1. re: Midlife

                                                I thought it was about Ronald Reagan :-)

                                                1. re: billieboy

                                                  I thought it was about Reading Railroad.... :)

                                              2. re: Firegoat

                                                LOL, that's funny, because if it had said AB on Nightline, I would have thought it was Alton Brown! So there ya go...

                                                And, just because you said you've yet to see her teach anyone, much less children, about good nutrition, here's a link, just for you: http://www.rachaelray.com/charity.php
                                                with the ex-Prez, no less. Happy viewing.

                                                1. re: Raquel

                                                  Oh boy! I hope it has her recipe for fried peanut butter and jelly sammies dipped in maple syrup! or the hot dog salad! those are my favorite kid-friendly nutritious meals!

                                                  1. re: Firegoat

                                                    C'mon, she doesn't really make those dishes, does she?

                                                    1. re: Raquel

                                                      Yes, both of those are actual recipes from her.
                                                      Don't make me link to them... a lthough I will... I mean, some children read this site! Think of the children!

                                                      1. re: Firegoat

                                                        No need, I got curious, so I checked it out myself. So, other than the obvious hot dogs.....not so bad, ingredients-wise.

                                                        yellow mustard
                                                        cider vinegar
                                                        rounded teaspoon granulated sugar
                                                        vegetable oil
                                                        red onion
                                                        shredded cabbage
                                                        heart of romaine lettuce
                                                        vine-ripe tomatoes
                                                        half-sour or garlic pickles
                                                        Salt and freshly ground pepper
                                                        pork or beef hot dogs

                                                        And, the pb & j "sammies" are actually French Toast, so I don't know how you eat your French Toast, but I usually eat it with maple syrup. And, as long as it's in moderation, it's not bad for the kiddies: eggs, milk, peanut butter....

                                                        I guess what I'm trying to say is that it looks soooo much worse reading the titles of these recipes, but then when you actually look at the recipes, it's not really so bad, and if it gets more kids eating that over Big Macs, I'll take it. And God help me, I really need to stop defending RR here....I have NEVER spent so much time on here defending someone I don't even watch! I guess it's just that I really, really feel she always gets a bad rap, for, doing nothing really offensive really. But I just know some smart-ass will say: her cooking is offensive. C'est la vie!

                                                        1. re: Raquel

                                                          do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches really need to be battered and fried and dipped in syrup? Calling them by another name "french toast" doesn't alleviate the horror.

                                                          1. re: Firegoat

                                                            Now if she had put bananas in them...........

                                                            1. re: billieboy

                                                              Hate to tell you this.... she has a fried banana peanut butter sandwich too...

                                                      2. re: Raquel

                                                        Holy lord, I thought it was a joke too but a quick google shows me that yup, those are actual RR recipes.

                                                        1. re: ms. clicquot

                                                          If you throw a pound of cheese into any recipe, including french toast, you have just invented a Rachael Ray messipe, I mean recipe.

                                                          1. re: paulyb

                                                            Lots of cheese?
                                                            Hot dogs?
                                                            You must be thinking of her "Hot Dogs Pizzadillas!"
                                                            4 beef or pork hot dogs
                                                            1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), 1 turn of the pan, plus extra for drizzling
                                                            Four 10- to 12-inch flour tortillas
                                                            1/4 cup mild chunky salsa (4 big spoonfuls)
                                                            8 squirts of ketchup (about 1/4 cup)
                                                            1 cup shredded mozzarella or provolone cheese
                                                            1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
                                                            And healthy for the kids!

                                                            1. re: Firegoat

                                                              I really see why you would use an extra virgin olive oil for this recipe. The fruitiness of the oil REALLY shines through the hot dogs, salsa, and cheese....

                                                          2. re: ms. clicquot


                                                            I believe you need to view the picture close up before actually throwing up in your mouth :)

                                                  2. re: Raquel

                                                    Perhaps we are all just Nightline fanatics ;)