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Mar 3, 2009 11:05 AM

Asheville Anniversary

My husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary at the Grove Park Inn in April. I would really like to venture out into Asheville for dinner on one night and was hoping that there might be some recommendations out there! Nothing too stuffy and I am a vegetarian (pretty strict, but will eat some fish if there is no other option). I have done a little research on my own and I'm currently leaning towards Fig. Any thoughts?

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  1. I like Fig a lot, no quarrels with that. I would say you should venture out into Asheville EVERY night (don't eat at Grove Park.) My veg friends love Laughing Seed, and so do I. It's not quite as fancy/upscale as Fig, but quite nice and creative. I like Zambra alot too, and although they do protein very well, you could be happy there with the vegetable options. Have fun and happy anniversary (actually my veg friend I had lunch w/ today had her 1st anniversary in Asheville as well)

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      I cannot speak to a vegetarian or about other Asheville restaurants, but I have to say my husband and I have had some wonderful meals at The Grove Park Inn. The brunch there has always been extraordinary and dining outside on a beautiful day with that view is delightful. We had a dinner in one of the restaurants there that was especially memorable on every count. I will never forget it. It has been a few years since I was there though.

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        I agree that the brunch is extensive and the food pretty decent. B'fast is the only meal I'll eat at GPI.

        I further agree that the views are spectacular. We go up there from time to time and sit on the patio and consider paying through the nose for bad wine the cost of admission to enjoy the view for a while. It's easy to do in the off season, but once they start serving lunch/dinner on the patio (and move the rockers), they won't let you have your drink on the terrace. This particularly irritates me if I'm actually paying for a room at the time.

    2. I looked at the usual fine dining restaurants menus and very few had more than one vegetarian option. I think Fig's sounded the best of them all. It's a nice restaurant and would make a good anniversary spot. Although, if you were up for Indian food, Mela has a huge vegetarian selection, is a beautiful restaurant and would also make for a nice romantic meal. The only downside is there wine list is lacking somewhat. Also, other chowhounders are not fond of Mela, but I have always found it to be a delicious meal...

      Enjoy wherever you end up going and let us all know about your experience!

      1. We just an awesome meal at Rezaz this past weekend, in Biltmore Village. The menu is great, as you can choose between small, medium, and large plates. There were some very good veg dishes as well.

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          I eat mostly veg (with fish and shellfish on occasion) and trust me, you won't find any shortage of that here in Asheville. Fig is excellent - always our choice for a special evening out. I have recently been very impressed with Stovetrotters near Biltmore Village. Cucina 24 gets great reviews - Italian, downtown. Mela is one of our favorites but it would not be my 1st choice for an anniversary dinner as it can get very busy and loud. Laughing Seed is a great veggie choice for lunch or brunch - a little too casual for your anniversary dinner. Have fun!

        2. Hello fellow NY (I am guessing) and possibly born in the same year 77? As a partial vegetarian, I think Nine Mile is a must while you are in town (as they do Tofu the best). Rosetta’s is good too (I am not sure for a special anniversary tough, not really the atmosphere). Their menu is vegetarian southern food. Otherwise I agree with Danna on most. The Fig is a more fine dining atmosphere than Nine Mile although the atmosphere is urban hip (I guess) but still classy.

          1. I would vote for Fig , Rezaz, or Table if you want to venture downtown. Cucina 24 is pretty solid, but not awesome.