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Mar 3, 2009 10:38 AM

Lemon juice in the plastic lemon..

Is it as good as the real long does it last?

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  1. Reconstituted lemon juice is a far cry from fresh squeezed, but I do keep it in the fridge for emergencies and to make buttermilk. It is also tolerable as a acid in marinades.

    1. No

      But buy a lemon and a small bottle of the other (or borrow some) and taste. And use your preference. BTW, fresh lemons last a bit and almost every dish can be brightened by a small squeeze.

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      1. re: alwayscooking

        not to mention that plastic lemons don't come with zest

      2. Parents have a lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange tree so usually get fresh all the time. However, I always keep my fake lemon and like on hand. Helpful when you need a dash, I love avacados and I use the plastic lemon to squeeze on my avacado so it doesn't brown. Little things.

        But you can't be the fresh taste!

        FYI, I would think they would last a long time I just used my lime the other night and I know it is pretty old.

        1. I tend to use fresh, except when canning....

          1. Fresh is best. And fresh lemons do last for a while. I use them all the time- in marinades, sauces, and love them squeezed over any roasted vegatable, and in sauteed mushrooms. If I think they are getting old, time for a marinade! Lemon juice, garlic and thyme are great on lamb and chicken. ANd for steak, lemon juice garlic, soy and a bit of brown sugar make a noce teriyaki type marinade.