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Mar 3, 2009 10:16 AM

Red Dog Cafe Silver Spring

I hadn't been to Red Dog for a while and was pleasantly surprised on Saturday night. Friend and I were met by very friendly server, Isabel, who ran us through some specials (short ribs and chicken pot pie that night). We ultimately decided on the hanger steak (friend) and seared rockfish.
The steak came with mashed potatoes, the rockfish with a mushroom risotto that was lovely. Friend had beer and I had a glass of riesling, which was quite nice. They have some Washington state wines on the list that looked interesting too. Dessert was split--a satisfying fruit crumble with ice cream. All in all, great food, nice service, and live music on Saturday nights (which got a bit loud at times--we were sitting near the band). Has anyone been lately? Apparently the menu is in the process of being revamped. There was a lot that I wanted to try--I guess next time...

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  1. Went there tonight for dinner. Waited 35 minutes for our appetizer of seasonal dips with fresh pita. The dips were fine, but the pita was half cooked and raw in the middle. We each got a pizza and although the toppings were fine, again, the dough was only half cooked. We had been to the Red Dog before for dinner and had sandwiches -- not bad. Tonight's dinner, however, will make us think twice about returning again. Would have been better off going to the Parkway Deli.