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Mar 3, 2009 09:58 AM

cold beer and sunshine in Santa Monica

Where can you go to enjoy our beautiful weather and have a decent, inexpensive lunch and a cold beer?

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  1. 2 suggestions spring to mind:

    Big Deans (SM Pier walk)
    Waterfront Cafe (Venice boardwalk n. of Rose)

    People-watching, free.

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    1. re: cagey

      Big Dean's has amazing chicken fingers. (Guilty pleasure).

      Can't attest for much of the food at Waterfront Cafe aside from the gargantuain and delicious Bavarian pretzel, but that place was a staple for me post-beach this past summer. Really can't recommend it enough for a good time and a cold beer right on the beach.

      1. re: daftpunkxl

        Big Dean's hot dogs are quite good as well. Snap when you bite them, and remind me of Neeny's Weenies (if anyone is old enough to remember the snack bar at the Jetty).

        I doubt anyone would argue "hot dog and a beer," but you never know around here.

        Wish I was a pretzel fan, but I'm just not.... The Waterfront has a pretty good swiss wurst sandwich (or used to anyway) that goes well with a weisbier.

      2. re: cagey

        definitely recommend the waterfront cafe aka the biergaarten. enjoy a nice erdinger hefeweizen and people watch. i really like the communal benches they have, and it's pretty common to spark up conversations with your neighbors. the pretzels are good but i also have a bizarre love of their fries. i think i also tried their schnitzel which was pretty decent too.

      3. How about heading up to Malibu Fish & Seafood and BYOB? GREAT Fish & Chips and Mini Loaf of hot bread. You can bring a great beer of Your choice and your own glasses and there is no corkage!

        Malibu Fish & Seafood
        25653 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

        1. What comes to my mind is Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln -- a Godmother sub or a meatball or combo plate daily special from the hot side (little or no wait) and then either eating right outside or taking somewhere nearby. Tommy's Burgers on the S/W corner of Pico at Lincoln has the double-chili-cheeseburger combo with really good fries (if ordered well) for about $7, with a couple of outdoor tables and those inside getting a lot of sun through the glass. If you want a quasi-garden, Library Alehouse has a nice back area, but now you're approaching $20 for a burger, beverage and tip. You could grab a couple of slices at Joe's or Richie Palmer's, but I don't know if there are sunshiny places to eat them before they get cold and old.

          1. Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Pier isn't too bad. The beer is cold, the food hot and the views spectacular.

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            1. re: ohdaylay

              Yep,it's clearly On the Waterfront Cafe is what you're looking for.

              Enjoy. Hoist a few pints or pitchers of Germanic beer, and nothing could be finer on a hot day. maybe add in an order of the cold smoked beef appetizer too.