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Mar 3, 2009 09:57 AM

Restaurant Equipment Sales in West Chester ?

Passing through WC I noticed this store on Gay St. There's a sign outside that says "Open to the Public." I was wondering if anyone has ever been there, what kinds of things they sell, and whether it's worth stopping in.

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  1. Cindy, I went once, years ago, and they sell mainly professional kitchen gear -- BIG pots and pans, fry-o-lators, etc. The prices are OK, but not great (the usual MO is to post high prices, give substantial volume discounts to your professional customers, and get higher markups from walk-ins like you and me). When I wanted something for home use, they told me (nicely) you might do better at Kitchen Kapers.

    Definitely worth stopping in if you're a foodie. Forget about Saturdays and Sundays, or evenings. This is not a retail place.


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      I agree - they did some neat stuff you can't buy at Kitchen Kapers but for the most part geared to restaurants. I was looking for stuff for my smoker, but they didn't have anything special.

      I do remember going in on a Saturday though.

      1. re: JTN 3

        yeah I had a similar experience to the others and it was a few years ago. I also thought they were open on saturday, and maybe even evenings.

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          I think they have Saturday hours in the wintertime but when the weather gets nicer, they are normally closed on Saturdays. I love the heavy duty baking sheets I bought there. I think their prices initially were good but the last couple of times I went in I thought they went up. It is mostly commercial stuff.