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Mar 3, 2009 09:55 AM

question about dried/hard mochi

hi chowhounders,

i went to marukai while i was visiting LA recently. it was an AWESOME japanese food shopping experience. i'm from toronto and needless to say, we definitely don't have anything that comes CLOSE to the selection of stuff @ marukai.

i picked up two packages of dried/hard mochi (one square and one round). the kind that are individually wrapped and then sealed in a larger plastic bag. i can't read japanese and don't have anyone around me that can ... so i'm hoping you guys can help me out...

do i need to refrigerate/freeze this mochi?? will it go bad if left out in the cupboard?

my friend in LA leaves hers out in her cupboard ... but i'm wondering if the climate in toronto makes this a bad idea.



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  1. You can leave it in the cupboard. There's an expiration date stamped on the outside package. You can toast the mochi in a toaster oven (I like to broil until puffy), wrap in seaweed, dip in soy sauce and eat. You can also add it to soups (like o-zoni). Enjoy!

    1. I'm from Mississauga and I totally agree with the smaller selection of Asian food we have here compared to LA, but there are still quite a few decent stores with Asian products in the GTA.

      My experience with dried mochi is that it can be just left in the cupboard. Just watch out for the expiry date and make sure it doesn't get wet (so mold won't grow on it). Usually when something is dried, it's okay for a long time. Fresh mochi is another story though.

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        hi bbtea,

        i ended up finding some dried mochi at the mississauga T&T! thanks!

      2. Mochi can be dangerously addicting - be careful.

        My favorite preparation is to saute in butter over medium heat, not too hot or the butter will burn. When it has puffed up like a marshmallow wrap up in nori and drizzle with soy sauce.

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          OMG! i think i know what i'm having with dinner tonight!


        2. Mochi will be fine at room temperature if they are individually wrapped like that. Be sure to observe the use by date as it will eventually mold.

          1. I've never had that brand but my family at new years usually got a large supply of the "hard mochi" type that a local (buddhist) church would make. We tended to freeze them and they lasted a long time that way. Then toast until brown (almost black sometimes- mom liked em that way) and dip in 50-50 mix soy sauce and sugar. Makes me very nostalgic just to think of it as it has been pretty hard for me in Boston to find that type of mochi.