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Mar 3, 2009 09:25 AM

japanese grocery

I am new to Toronto, living in High Park. I am looking for a good Japanese grocery that I can get reasonably priced foods. I have been to "Things Japanese" on Harbord but looking for more food oriented shops.


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  1. Sanko on Queen street just east of Trinity Bellwoods has a good selection of items.

    1. Sanko is an excellent place.

      There was a little tokyo in Kensington Market but they closed down. But if you're interested in making sushi there's a fisher market in the area that sells sashimi grade salmon, octopus, tuna and they also have sushi making supplies for sale.

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        while no where at all near a japanese grocery store ..... have you considered t&t? they carrry a few mainstream japanese products.

        otherwise there's always Jtown on 404/Steeles - but quite a distance

        1. re: ssainani

          J-town is definitely worth the trip and always fun to combine with a visit to Pacific Mall. Great way to spend the day...

      2. P.A.T. on Bloor just east of Christie should fit the bill.

        1. it's not in your hood but if you're ever in the yonge/bloor area you can always hit up MITS too. It's not big but they have more than just foodstuffs

          There's also a sake joint but you have to buy in cases only. They're allowed to sell by the LCBO I believe.

          1. The PAT places are korean. I have the place for you. Heisei market in J-Town on steeles. It is a bit far from will need a car, but it is 100% japanese. Everyone there is japanese. All the products are imported. They have meats, fish, sushi, even a cafe. it is a must-go. here is a link


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              PAT may be Korean but they sell just about any Japanese food product you would be looking a fraction of the price to boot, compared to Sanko, J-Town or Sandown, which by the way is another option for you to consider....... Browns Line and Evans.

              1. re: jeffs101

                Thank you everyone - I am actually a personal cook and one of my clients has requested onigiri. Having never made it or any other Japanese dish I want to make sure I get the right ingredients and have a great selection of onigiri. I will definitely try the day trip to J-Town and Pacific Mall.

                1. re: socallmewren

                  The ingredients aren't really exotic, and are all available at P.A.T. fairly close to you.
                  You can sample good ongiri at Manpuku in the food court, Village by the Grange, on McCaul St.

                  P A T Central Market
                  675 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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                    I was just at PAT today. They had prepared onigiri available. If you've never made it, you could pick one or two up and figure out what's in it, or even ask someone at the store for advice.

                  2. re: jeffs101

                    I found Sandown to have very slim pickins.