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Mar 3, 2009 09:16 AM

Brunch recipe for 30--using Nesco?

Help! I've volunteered to make a brunch dish for 30 people this Sunday. I need to make the food in advance, and I don't want to do an egg dish. I was thinking stuffed French toast. The question---can I do multiple layers (not just 2) and expect it to "roast" relatively quickly in the Nesco roaster? OR Do you have another recipe idea?

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  1. How do you make french toast with out breaking a few eggs?

    Bagels and lox. Depending on where you live you can get salmon at Costco or Trader Joes, or in CA, Ralphs sells lox trimmings for 8per lb. You can add white fish, or even tuna salad.

    You can add a cucumber salad, and a coffee cake, and you have a great brunch.

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      I was thinking the same thing about the eggs. The only difference between stuffed french toast and a strata is that you don't cut the bread into bite sized pieces.

      What is a Nesco roaster?

    2. Are you thinking of cooking them from scratch or just keeping them warm? I doubt layering up lots of eggy, drippy stuffed French toast to bake would work. And the Nescos tend to hold moisture, so I'm thinking even if you fried or oven-baked them and stacked in the Nesco, they'd get pretty soggy.

      How about breakfast enchiladas? You could omit the scrambled eggs and just use chorizo, peppers and cheese. They like being sauced, and you could layer them two high if necessary.

      Or crepes. Creamy sherried mushrooms rolled up in spinach crepes or shrimp or crab with spinach in curry crepes.

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        I think of stuffed french toast as bread filled w/ whatever (cream cheese, etc.), egg mixture poured over it overnight and then baked. I looked up a Nesco roaster and it looks similar to a crock pot. That works well with custards like stratas, moist low heat, but you have to be careful with not overcooking it.

      2. OK--my bad.... I don't think of french toast as egg based. (Yes--eggs are an ingredient, but it doesn't taste like eggs to me.) Maybe I'll figure out some sort of sweet-ish strata. Thanks for the ideas.

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          I bet you are lost on the Frogs legs taste like chicken thing too. :)