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Mar 3, 2009 08:49 AM

Signs of spring: It's Zeppole time!!!

Just saw the sign in the window at Molisana. Woohoooo, my favourite time of the year!

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  1. Exciting indeed!

    I just bought some on Upper Lachine Road yesterday. $3/each mind you.

    The sign at Molisana is a great reminder (to go somewhere else to buy Zeppole...theirs are soooo gross -oily and taste like they are filled with sweet lard)

    1. I plead ignorance... What is/are Zeppole? I know I could look it up but I find I learn so much from board members here that I tend to believe what I read here more than from the rest of the grandiose Interweb.

      I'm still trying to find ludlab too!

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      1. re: MikeyMadness

        See the thread about last year's virtual and actual zeppole crawl. Includes pics and links to other sites.

        Good luck with the ludlab. I suspect it's a lost cause. <sob>

        1. re: MikeyMadness

          You can pretty much trust wikipedia eh, at least for basics. :)

        2. Eeep! Have I missed the zeppole? I was going to go out this weekend for them, but I completely forgot! I will try to go out next week for them...

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          1. re: moh

            No no no, relax- at Molisana they start the 12th or 13th - so plenty of time for your zeppole sampling mission.

            1. re: maisonbistro

              Phew! Would hate to miss my yearly calorie load. Thanks Maisonbistro!

          2. Went by Alati Caserta ( 277 Dante ) on my way to JTM they have both traditional and new style cone variety in both cream and ricotta.They were delicious I think even better than Roma on St Laurent Blvd.While there they have great Canoli's and Walnut cake.This is a traditional Italian Patisserie that is family run and proud of there products.

            1. Today I tried the zeppole at boulangerie Clark (29, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest). I'm no expert, in fact this is my first zeppole ever, but I really enjoyed it. Basically a large profiterole with ricotta filling. The pastry was as described: tough but light. Thin, but doesn't fall apart like a flaky pastry would. This allows for maximum cream stuffing, and boy was there a lot of it.

              I'm getting more tomorrow... :-x

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              1. re: Joel_L

                I am having one of these right now. *very happy* :)

                1. re: Joel_L

                  I went and bought a bunch for my kitchen staff as a treat. They had never heard of zeppole's. Very enjoyable.
                  Thanks for the heads up.