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Mar 3, 2009 08:30 AM

Food shopping in Dorchester

After 8-ish years in the Medford/Davis Square area we are moving to Dot. My go to's right now are Dave's Fresh Pasta, McKinnon's, New Deal, Wilson's Farm, Union Square FM, WF and S&S.

Are there any great meat markets, fish mongers, or veggie places not to be missed?

We're on the South End side of Dot. I don't really want to break the bank on a regular basis, so Butcher Shop would be saved for 'special' dinners.

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  1. I'm not sure that I would call the place "great" - but you should check out Lambert's on Morrissey Blvd for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a pretty good deli section.

    1. I am not from the area, but some of the things I would poke around at.

      South End: Lionette's, Morse Fish, Formaggio.
      Dorchester: Gerards & Greenhill, the Polish Sausage place which folks have posted about before.
      Roxbury: Lord Jeffs (a different world from McKinnon's, but worth trying. I am a fan, but avoid the Saturday rush)
      A bit further: Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park, HiLo in JP, KamMan. I think there are some Greek and Armenian places in the area (roslindale? hyde park?)
      South Boston: Flour, I might give Sea to You another chance some Saturday, but its possibly a lost cause at this point.
      Validated parking for shopping at Haymarket and North End (Puritan Beef again is different than McKinnon's, but worth a stop and validate, Sulmona doesn't validate but a necessary stop)... East Boston and Chelsea and Revere and Saugus aren't so far via the Tunnel/Rt 1.

      Seem to be more and more options for CSA deliveries in the area, plus farmers markets in season for produce. Super88 South Bay must be improving at this point (Malden is definitely better and ok for produce, although not 100%)

      I would hit up galangatron for some SE Asian store suggestions and more.

      Prepared foods, I posted about Boston's Food for the Soul a while back and am curious, but haven't gotten around to having someone in their delivery area order for me:

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      1. re: itaunas

        Thanks itaunas! How is Lord Jeff's different from McKinnon's?

        Knowing me I'll end up making Wednesday my shopping day in the summer, hop on the redline and hit Davis for the day.

        I'm going to miss 'my' square.

        1. re: tallullah

          Lord Jeffs is a wholesaler which does a huge retail business to the African American, Caribbean, and some Latino. So there is a lot more pork, turkey, chicken, as opposed to pot roast, steak tips, and corned beef/ribs. They have various items out for sale which are in pre-weighed packages (10 lbs of chicken wings, 5 lbs of breast), plus all sorts of packaged items. There is some meat in the freezers too. Everything else you wait in line at the butcher counter and they cut to order -- pork ribs, oxtails, slab bacon, and country ham are all popular. For beef cuts not all the prices are out some things they will cut to order others are by the piece... some they don't carry (for instance they carry tri tip, but won't carry the nearby top sirloin butt, even by special order... except maybe by the case). So its good prices, lots of options for making Southern food, but intended a bit more for purchasing in bulk.

          There are other cash and carry options in the area, including some of the larger companies (I think Cambridge Packaging will even do it, but may have a minimum). Taurus doesn't do as much retail as Lord Jeffs, there is a food club warehouse nearby which I don't know much about. So its worth checking out the area -- Chinese Spaghetti Factory, Liquor Land is just over on Washington St. Speed, M&M, The Hen House...

          There also is company I think in Dorchester which sells marinades and marinated meats which I have meant to check out, but am not certain where it is. And K Street Market in Southie.

        2. re: itaunas

          Gerards is a restaurant and a crappy convenience store. Not sure why you'd go there.

          Greenhills is a very traditional Irish bakery.

          Milton Market has good produce at very reasonable prices.

          Ashmont liquors at the corner of Ashmont and Adams sells very good steaks in the back. They cut the meat themselves.

          Kam Man in Quincy is heads and tails the best asian market around.

          The South Bay Stop and Shop carries a lot of hispanic goods.

          The N. Quincy Stop and Shop's wine and beer department is the best part of the store.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            Gerards simply because Irish bacon is an essential food group, but I am sure there are plenty of other options. As I said, this isn't my hood, but I do enjoy checking it out. I'll definitely try some of your suggestions! The N Quincy S&S must stock wines very differently from Malden which is better than the Shaws in Watertown, but pretty far from what Liquor Land or another reasonable independent market carries. Its a lot further, but if I lived on the south shore I would give Luke's Liquors in Rockland a visit from time to time (and there is an Ocean State Job Lot across the street for pasta and other packaged goods).

        3. The Polish delis near Andrew Square.

          1. Milton Marketplace is a better one stop alternative to Lambert's. It's located near East Milton Square.

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            1. re: Guinness02122

              Another vote for the East Milton marketplace. They have the best vegetables around, Iggies bread and a good selection of meat and seafood. It an be pricy, but it doesn't have to be if you are selective, and the quality is worth it.

              Another find is the Kam Man marketplace with an excellent array of asian vegetables and lots of other food stuff.

              There are a couple of small vendors in the Littel Q block of Hancock Street in quincy with olives, lentils and Indian spices.

              Esprit du Vin on the north side of Milton is excellent for wine, bread and cheese.

              The list goes on!

              Fruit Center Marketplace, Milton
              10 Bassett St, Milton, MA 02186

              1. re: chowfamily

                Right. There's also:

                Flatback Coffee just off Dot Ave on River Street (I think that's the street)
                The Ice Creamsmith on Dot Ave.
                The Common Ground on Dot Ave
                Gene and Pat's (might have it wrong) meat market on Dot Ave
                Numerous Vietnamese grocers on Dot Ave.
                All of Newmarket Square near South Bay
                Whatever the name of the place that replaced Patty's Pantry on Dot Ave
                Bell's Market on Dorchester Street in South Boston
                Boston Street Market , DJ's and Euromart in South Boston (there's another better one I can' think of at this time across from Palonia, which is owned by Palonia, I believe)
                Prevites and Roxies in Quincy.
                Babycakes and This Takes the Cake in Quincy

                1. re: Guinness02122

                  How does the Icecreamsmith compare to Cambridge favourites such as Toscanini's or Christina's?

                  1. re: Prav

                    Much smaller operation that the one's you mention. I'd say the banana and mocha that I've had at each don't compare with Ice Creamsmith.

                  2. re: Guinness02122

                    Just as an FYI, I believe Prevites has relocated to Weymouth. Quincy location is closed.

                2. re: Guinness02122

                  I agree that Milton Marketplace is much better than Lamberts. Great fruit, veggies, meats, prepared foods, cheese and wine.

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