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Mar 3, 2009 08:28 AM

kid friendly Sunday brunch (but more breakfast than lunch!)

My husband and I will be in town with our 2.5 year old daugther this weekend and would love to do Sunday brunch. I searched and found some old posts, but noticed that many of the restaurants mentioned had menus geared more towards lunch than breakfast. Our daugther is used to restaurants and well behaved, but she is 2.5, so we prefer to stick to kid family establishments rather than being "those people" that drag our 2 year old to a restaurant where she doesn't belong. We save those spots for when our daugher is with a sitter! ;)

I adore Norma's, but even with a reservation there is usually a long wait and it is so tight in there, I'm not sure it would be a good fit with our daughter in tow.

Any neighborhood is fine, we don't mind taking the subway or a cab.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Sarabeth's
    Les Halles
    Blue Hill Bakery
    The Odeon
    Friend of a Farmer

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I think you mean Blue Ribbon Bakery.

      Sarabeth's, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Friend of a Farmer, and Cookshop also have long waits, but you can make a reservation at Cookshop. You can make a reservation a Blue Ribbon if you are 5 or greater in number. No reservations at Sarabeth's or Friend of a Farmer.

      1. re: LeahBaila

        Aside from the food being mediocre at best, I've never thought of Les Halles as kid-friendly.

        1. re: RGR

          Interesting, because last time I was there, I saw the waiter hand a young diner crayons to color on the white paper table cloth.

      2. Balthazar has a great brunch and children are very welcome. It's almost all breakfast items.

        Cookshop does a fantastic brunch and is very child-friendly.

        I recently went to a nice brunch at One if By Land Two if By Sea which was delicious and also had children present. The brunch has both breakfast and lunch options - I had a cheeseburger with an egg on it and my friend had french toast with bananas.

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        1. re: stephaniec25

          Don't know about a 2 1/2 yr old at One If By Land...

          1. re: mom22tots

            yeah, I don't think I'd take our daughter there. I've never been, but based on reviews from some friends who have eaten there, I just don't think it is appropriate. Again, we aren't interested in being "those people!" :)

            1. re: mom22tots

              ...and the brunch is, in my opinion awful. BTW: How nice that you are so considerate. I have sat near some of "those people!"

              1. re: City Kid

                Dinner is very formal and romantic but brunch was casual. Not awful in my experience.

            2. re: stephaniec25

              I was thinking Landmarc, but Balthazar is a much better restaurant, in my opinion, though Landmarc is solidly good. But for what it's worth, Landmarc is actually TOO baby-friendly for some customers (when I went there with my brother last year, he couldn't stand their soundtrack, which he called a "worst of the 70s," and insisted we go somewhere else)!

              1. re: Pan

                I think Landmarc is definitely good for brunch with kids. I will go to the Tribeca location, not the one at TWC

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  I've never been to the TWC location, only the Tribeca one.

            3. thank you so much for the suggestions! I did stumble across Sarabeth's after searching some old posts here. I'm a sucker for brunch and everything sounds so good!

              Any feedback on Big Daddy's Diner? I came across that in an old post too.

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              1. re: jessicarboyle

                I found Big Daddy's to be a pleasant surprise. I was literally dragged in, but came out happy. Prices are a bit steep for diner food, but the quality is better than others in the area.


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