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Mar 3, 2009 08:12 AM

Pie (Phx)

I had a pie craving this weekend and had to go to - blech- Marie Callendar's to satisfy my joneses. Needless to say, I'm still feening and my oven is broken, help!

Where do you go for great pie in Phoenix?

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  1. If you're willing to go out of your way, the Rock Springs Cafe (the I-17 exit just before Black Canyon City) has pie to die for. Well worth the drive!

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    1. re: azveggieguy

      I tried Rock Springs about a year ago, wasn't blown away. But I had also heard that it had changed ownership and wasn't what it used to be. I didn't try the Jack Daniel's pecan though, I will give it another try.

      1. re: azveggieguy

        The pie at Rock Springs has remained, for me, a lovely and memorable experience that brightened a bad trip on the 1-17!

      2. when i think of homemade pie, the first place i think of is iowa cafe.

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        1. re: azhotdish

          The owner of the Iowa Cafe told us that she doesn't make her fillings from scratch--she doctors canned fillings. I can tell. Now, I haven't been there for a few years, so perhaps things have changed. But so far, I haven't found pie worth eating in Arizona anywhere outside of my own kitchen.

          I do need to try Rock Springs Cafe on my way up to visit family in Prescott one of these times! I've heard good things about them before; we'll see if they live up to my standards. ;-)

          1. re: modthyrth

            The former owner of the Iowa Cafe made her own pies. When she sold the place she kept the pie contract. Since then the pies may be made by someone else.

        2. During the holidays, I've enjoyed delicious pies from Wicked Witch Bakery (sold year-round).

          Wicked Witch Bakery-P.O. Box Address
          3003 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              That's a shame. I'm on their e-mail list, but the last info I received was a bread pudding promo a little over a month ago. However, the site confirms the sad news. Hopefully, they will re-open.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                Ipsy, I think you're thinking of Wicked bakery on Cave Creek Rd. This looks like a different address.

                1. re: ajs228

                  That address is likely just a mailing address for the business. There's a mailbox hosting/shipping services business (U Got Mail) at the Central Ave address, which as far as I know, has never housed a bakery.

                  Looks like the places database selects the Central Ave address rather than the physical address on Cave Creek when "Witch" is included as a search term.

                  Wicked Bakery & Cafe
                  14848 N Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ

            2. I haven't tried the regular fruit pies but the chocolate cream at My Mother's Restaurant (19th Ave. just north of Indian School) is definitely a guilty pleasure. HUGE slices too, if that's important to you (one piece usually lasts me 3-4 days!). Before my boyfriend went vegan he was a fan of their banana cream -- big chunks of banana. Mmmmpie!

              1. What a bummer. Well, I'll try My Mother's, thanks for the rec.