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Mar 3, 2009 07:58 AM

New-Style Pinot Noir - $30 Max

Hello Hounds,

I just posted this and lost it, so I hope it doesn't show up twice.

Anyway, I am looking for a fruit forward (but not cloying) pinot noir for everyday drinking that doesn't cost a fortune. With Flowers Camp Meeting Ridge in my mind, I have tried quite a few pinot noirs under $30 and nothing has satisfied the craving. Either there is no fruit or it has no finish, or it just doesn't taste like a pinot. I just ordered Bookster, in the $20s, but haven't tried it yet. Most I have tried are from California and Oregon. I do enjoy Burgundies new and old (love H. Lignier, Dominique Laurent), but cannot afford those wines for every day.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. If you live in NYC, and know where to find your recs, please include the shop info too.

Thanks Everyone!!

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  1. Try the real thing, but from one of the "minor" appelations.
    My favorite is Monthelie. shows lots of Monthelies available in NY under $30, from Chteau de Puligny-Montrachet, Bouchard, Garaudet, &etc.

    1. I just tried Bourgogne en Montre Cul, Regis Bouvier. $24, I believe. Imported by Kermit Lynch. Fruit forward .

      1. You might try looking at New Zealand (Saint Clair, Schubert and Akarua are three producers whose wines I've liked in recent vintages), Tasmania (Pipers Brook, Tamar Ridge, Pirie) and mainland Australia (Coldstream Hills, Scotchmans Hill).

        1. Here's some of our favorites for under $30:
          Alma Rosa, Sanford, Foxen, Fiddlehead, Foley, Gainey, Lafond, Fess Parker, Hitching Post, Taz, Melville, Siduri, etc. A lot of the Santa Rita Hills producers are making something similar to what you are looking for IMHO.

          As far as Oregon goes, I think you are going to find that those are more styled after Burgundy, and will be less fruit forward, however, if you can find IRIS, this is a great fruit forward pinot for about $20. It's become a staple in our home, and we absolutely love it for the money. Remember, it is called IRIS, not "Iris Hill," which is another produce or Oregon pinot noir. See this wine on CellarTracker here:

          Hope that helps. Cheers! -mJ

          1. I have really been enjoying Boedecker Cellar's pinots. They are from oregon and make 2 signature wines, one being more "new" world style (the Athena) and the other more "old" world (the Stewart). Both are great. $34/btl, but they have a 10% case discount.