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Mar 3, 2009 06:44 AM

Are you going to Oaxaca soon? need favor

If you're going to Oaxaca soon, I have a favor to ask: I got this GREAT chocolate there for making Mexican hot chocolate), and I'm desperate for more. I thought it would be easily available in the US but it isn't. I was hoping someone was heading there soon, and you could bring some back. Of course I would pay you for it, and for shipping. Of course, as a CHOWHOUND, you'll want some for yourself as well. It's Mayordomo chocolate and for reasons I don't understand, is not available at any of the online gourmet food sites. Let me know. Susan.

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  1. I agree that it is among the best - que lastima that we can't buy it in the US.

    But, although it is made in Oaxaca, it can be found in many other places in Mexico, which I mention just in case that encourages someone to help find some for you....

    And, you may want to specify if you prefer the red or green box - regular or amargo.

    1. Mayordomo can be ordered on-line. Try or There is also another large gourmet on-line retailer that might be a source as well but I am, unfortunately, drawing a blank on the name right now, maybe someone else might know.

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        Neither Gourmetsleuth nor Chocosphere carries Mayordomo. Gourmetsleuth used to, but no more. Chocosphere doesn't show it anywhere.


        1. re: cristina

          Hmmm....I was on the Gourmetsleuth web page this morning and they were showing it as available, thought currently out of stock, $9.75 for a box. Here's the link -

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            If I read the Gourmetsleuth site correctly, one of the Mayordomo chocolate types is no longer being imported and the others are out of stock and not available. To me, that means you can't get it through their website.


      2. If you are in the sf bay area, california it can be found at El Oaxaqueno, a small grocery. The green box, amargo is much better. the red is way to sweet for me

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        1. re: kirinraj

          Susan appears to be from Portland, Oregon. Maybe you can send her some.

          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            ah...i would send it, but im a teenager, so that makes it kinda difficult for me. i don't think i'd really be able to.

            1. re: kirinraj

              When you get ready to travel to where you want (as per your profile), you have a temporary safe haven here in Cali - once arranged with your Mom and Dad.

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                true. on a side note i am going to oaxaca this summer alone for 8 weeks and live with a "poor" family in the countryside. should be a great chow experience, even if it is only beans and tortillas, which i love.

        2. I LOVE Chowhoud! Thanks for all the replies. Before posting, I did try searching online, and it looked to me as well that Gourmet Sleuth, while listing the Mayordomo on their website, was "out of stock" of it. I didn't call to see if this was a permanent or temporary situation. I will, though.

          thanks so much for the info about El Oaxaqueno. I will give them a call tomorrow. I am in Portland, and perhaps if El Oaxaqueno doesn't ship, I will have to justify a trip to SF.

          Does anyone remember what the box of chocolate costs if you are buying it in Mexico?
          I certainly don't remember paying the equivalent of $9.75 (GourmetSleuth's price) when I got it there.

          PS I prefer the orange box myself!

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          1. re: sarosenthall

            300 E. William St, San Jose, Ca
            I think that they might only understand spanish

            1. re: sarosenthall

              I believe my mom may be going in a few weeks to visit my brother who lives in Mexico City. They have plans to go to Chiapas or Oaxaca early April. I will check tomorrow. We live in NY so she may be able to ship from here.

              1. re: JazzyK

                If your mom is going to Oaxaca (or even Mexico City, as I understand from folks on this board that this chocolate is sold throughout Mexico), I'd be very appreciative if she could get me a box or two. Maybe ou can email me off list and we can sort it out: My email:

            2. I am still trying to find someone who is going to Mexico and would be willing to get me a few boxes of Mayordomo Chocolate while there. The usual online sources (ie GourmetSleuth) are "out of stock" of it for the indefinite future. There is a shop in San Jose that does carry it, but the owner rarely ships so sorting out that out would be a challenge. Anyway, let me know--I would be so grateful.

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              1. re: sarosenthall

                Hola, Susan!

                A couple years ago, I made the move (along with my husband and two children) from Portland to Oaxaca City. We head to California every year to visit family, but this year we're going further north to PDX as well. I plan to be there July 15th or so for a week. If you want, I could drop off some chocolate with you. We are driving, but I could do everything within my power to keep the chocolate intact and pristine. Also, have you tried the hand-ground chocolate from the market in Ocotlan? Someone wrote about it here, in another thread, and it's incredible. It is not as rock-solid as the Mayordomo chocolate, making it easier to break into and eat as is.

                Let me know what you'd like!
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