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Mar 3, 2009 06:33 AM

cute and cheap

girlfriend and i are making a date of going to see the nyc ballet @ the kennedy center this saturday....we are grabbing an early (5:30!! who eats at 5:30!!!) dinner to make the 7:30 curtain. we don't really want to eat BY the kennedy center since there's nothing THAT good or budget friendly...

really, we're open to anything in NW since we're goign to be driving. we're probably looking for something casual and wallet-friendly but nothing horribly shabby. i don't think we'd like to spend more than $30/pp including alcohol....i was thinking about matchbox but i'd like something a bit closer....

suggestions are very much appreciated!!

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  1. Instead of Matchbox you can get tasty pizza at Pizzeria Paradisio. They have a great beer list, as well as wines.

    Another option in the Dupont Circle area could be Heritage for Indian or Hank's Oyster Bar for seafood (or a great meat + 2). If you like French you can try Bistro Du shouldn't be too crazy at 5:30pm.

    Have fun at the ballet! I wish I was going :)

    1. I love Luna on Conn Ave right below the circle. I think they have a vaired and very solid menu (good classic sandwiches, pasta, etc), the place is cute, and prices are about as reasonable as you'll find in Dupont, Foggy Bottom, etc. And it might be warm enough to sit outside in the back on Saturday!

      I like Hank's but I really don't consider it to be cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

      1. What about somewhere on or near U street? Marvin's is great...depending on what you order, you can get away with $30/person. I also really like Tabaq and Vinoteca. Both places offer small plates, so you could definitely stay within your budget. And there's Busboys & Poets, which is the most casual of them all.
        Creme is also good...might be a bit harder to stay within your budget...but again, depending on what you get, it could work.
        Or you could go for Ethipioan in Little Ethiopia. Have been to Etete but not Dukem.
        Enjoy the ballet!!

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          On U St there is also Ulah which is very affordable.

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            Ah, yes! Always forget about Ulah. I remember having great calamari there.

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              I had a really good turkey burger there as well. I went with a friend, we both go turkey burgers and a beer/cocktail and our entire meal was under $18/each. Quite affordable.

        2. Penang just south of Dupont is a nice atmosphere, and within your budget. Malaysian food.
          Also Thaitanic on 14th Street is quite good and relatively convenient for you.
          Pizzeria Paradiso is a good idea as well, I imagine parking would be easier at the Dupont location than at Georgetown though I'm no parking expert.

          1. Bistro Francais in Georgetown has a 3 course Early Bird Special menu which is a great deal. Oh, and on Saturdays they have a wonderful raspberry duck special, which can be your entree on the 3-course menu.
            Here's the deal:

            Early Bird Special
            5p.m. to 7 p.m. and
            10.30 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.

            (Except Holidays)

            A Glass of House wine
            Soup du jour or
            Homemade Liver Mousse or
            Mussels Niçoise
            Choice Of Entrée From the daily dinner Specials:
            Indicated by asterisk *
            Homemade French Pastry

            (No Substitutions...No Sharing...Dine in Only)

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              Cheers for Bistro Francais! It's a good deal, and they'll definitely get you to the KC on time.

              I also like Gigi's idea of maybe getting a drink and a bite before hand and then going out afterwards for another bite. In that case, I would stick to the KC just to have a drink and take in the view.